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"I am alive, the work with you somehow saved my life or my sanity - or both!!! I really don’t know what would have happened if I never got in contact with you. well as it sounds so dramatic I don’t wanna write in the group, as i feel I’m very on a different state to everybody."

Reni Hardmeier - FearLESS Graduate

Fear of Failure | Fear of Success | Fear of What If...

The overriding feeling limiting you from reaching your goals is things is FEAR.
Fear IS your ego based programming. It is designed to keep you where you know is safe, even if it is uncomfortable. Anytime you get defensive or aggressive or desire to run away from challenges, thats fear running your life for you. It has an incredible ability to affect almost every aspect of our lives, from your relationships, your job, or even the amount of salary you take home every month.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're fed up of feeling as if life is passing you by while everyone else seems to have it together.
  • The life you're living now seems so far away from the one you dreamed of and you're not sure how you got here.
  • You want more than anything to feel in control of your life rather than trapped by circumstance
  • You’ve made some changes and tried being more positive but it’s a struggle and you still feel something is missing.
  • You wish that you could make the changes you want to make in your life with ease...

Many of us aren’t aware of how much fear runs our lives.

The decisions we don’t make based on what might happen.
The decisions we make based on what might never happen.
The things we don’t do based on what others might think of us.
The jobs we never applied for The job we can’t leave.
The relationship we’re unhappy in…

It all comes down to fear. Fear of the unknown.

- 8 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Rosanna
- 12 Modules of FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me Digital Content
- Free Access to RISE Cocreation Community Sessions

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See what these people have to say after completing their FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me Journey

"Since the course, I have had a huge realisation that I have been struggling with pretty severe anxiety and depression since I was a young child. Acknowledging this has really helped me to be more compassionate towards myself and also I have realised just how strong I am to have dealt with it for so long. I have always tried to find ways of helping myself deal with it/feel better and never accepted those feelings as “just the way I am.” It has been a long hard journey but I really feel like I am starting a new stage now 🙂 I have started speaking openly with my friends about how I am feeling which has helped massively as previously I’ve found it hard to make that connection when I’ve been feeling low. I feel supported by them but mostly I feel like I am supporting myself by accepting the anxiety and depression and not feeling bad about it. What has happened is that I generally feel less anxious and have fewer periods of depression (the episodes also don’t seem to last as long.)"

FEF2BM Graduate

"The FEF2BM course I’ve been doing with Rosie has been amazing and has transformed how I feel about myself and people within my life. It’s allowed me to clear a lot of the emotions that I’ve been feeling and holding on to. Some of which are my own, some of which have been passed on through the generations. I feel a lot lighter and I feel like I’ve got a lot more light, joy, happiness and peace within my being. Various things have happened to me in my life recently and the various struggles that I’ve gone through, I’ve almost forgotten about. I’ve read the guide and through doing this course or through release a lot of the emotions that I’ve been holding and The webinar group has also been lovely it’s just been so nice to share and our experiences together and support each other through that. Thank you Rozy!"


"Rosie’s program has helped me so much from where I began. I wanted to become more fluid and have more strength so I cold do anything and deal with anything that pops up in my life easier. I also wanted to get rid of previous things that were hurting me. This program is absolutely fantastic and it will do everything that you want it to do! I can’t I can’t rate it highly enough so get on the course, now!"

FEF2BM Graduate

"I am getting in the habit of sharing my successes as well as my struggles. This month marks 3 Years since I left my very well paid corporate job and this month is the first month I will be paid a decent living wage which allows me to save money for doing a job I love. It was also an interesting day as I was asked to host a mindfulness session at a meeting in a very corporate business combining my experience in both areas. I was super nervous and it went really well, they want me back to do more like that so feeling very proud of myself and wanting to celebrate rather than start thinking of ways it will end or fail. 🎉🎉🎉🎉"

FEF2BM Graduate

"Yes... very true... even when I spot the self-saboteur in action I am like "there you go again!" Or "Oh you again!!" The tone is always a bit contemptuous or means... speaking nicely or kindly to yourself is very hard... I was really thinking about what you said about blessing yourself no matter what you are doing... I noticed I am mean to myself for 5he smallest of things like eating chocolate or wasting time for an hour or two or watching TV or anything that I feel I "should not" be doing... I do the things anyway so why not bless myself as I do it... xxx So today officially became the best month of business since I started almost 2 years back!! I am not going to hold back and going to really celebrate!! It IS an achievement !! 😊"

Bhakti Phanse
FEF2BM Graduate

"yes do it, no probs. i hope there aren't to many writing mistakes, as English i learn on the streets of Vietnam and with harry potter 😂. i wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am progressing, evolving not in the milestones i want, but steady. today a frend recommended me to take antidepressiva, and this is the last i wandt. now since my minde is kinda sober- i love the fact of a clear thinking and i can not imagine my self to take any medication. after yesterdays lesson, I'm done with those crazy roller coaster! and i am focusing on becoming a money machine, with great discipline, a better friend .... thank you for your work, for your big open heart to hold space for my fearless buddy's and me. ❤"

Reni Hardmeier
FEF2BM Graduate

"A very strong influence on my deciding to do this course with Rozy was my friend who had signed up to the last FearLESS group. I've known her through some dark times of her own, but despite our age difference we often seem to resonate with where we both are and we are definitely connected. Earlier this year, she sat on my floor telling me about a woman called Rozy who she'd known for some years, who she had seen grow and develop to the point where she was now living with grace and ease and that she was going to do her course. After a few months, even just over a phone call, I could tell that Katie was different, she felt different. She still does. And over the last week three different people have told me that I seem different. One said more balanced, one said more myself/whole, one just said I felt different. I'm delighted. I feel different. More grounded, more reflective. And I have tools. And tools were one of the things that I was after for those difficult darker days. To change the energy, change the state. So thank you, all of you, for being on this journey with me, just thank you."

FEF2BM Graduate

"I enrolled in this course to primarily find a way to connect healthily with my body and to love my feminine-self without fear… Little did I know that in order to achieve this, it was not so much the feminine in me that needed healing, but the very wounded masculine. For generations the men in my family line where unsupportive and controlling towards their women and this is what I inherited… My grandfathers, father, ex-husband, boyfriends were like that because themselves did not received the love and compassion they sought.. As a woman on my own and as a single mother of a boy, I had to develop the masculine side in order to cope with the world around me. My son has grown into a beautiful man and I am now having the space to take care of ‘me’. Among other things, I really longed for my feminine-self to emerge. But the fears of the past coated with ‘unworthiness’, ‘invisibility’ and ‘shame’ came tumbling down making it difficult to reconnect with my body and its potential beauty. Through the FearLESS Detoxes, I just realised that in order to blossom in my femininity, the masculine-self has to heal. The ‘masculine’ within me will then become safe, loving, encouraging and playful. This in turn, I am sure, will balance out my practical aspects, my energy levels and my motivation to be active. The outcome of this journey will lead to a feminine-self spoken for and liberated, free to create away while the masculine self will have the energy and inspiration to make anything possible. "

Emerging Butterfly
FEF2BM Graduate

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16 Week Online Course

With Rosanna Kalliabetsos
MultiDimensional Life Coach & Soul Purpose Activator, Yoga Trainer and Emotional Mental Detox Practitioner

Commencing September 23rd 2020


Course Layout

- 8 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Rosanna
- 12 Modules of FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me Digital Content
- Free Access to RISE Cocreation Community Sessions

Module 1 | FearLESS Living FUNdamentals

The fundamental principles of moving out of fear based living (survival thinking) to living in love and trust.

During this session we cover the foundation blocks of the entire program are clearly outlined in this module. Upon completion, you will have opened a dialogue between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the sensations these bring up in your body. You will also be clear about all the key ways that fear currently governs your life! You will be taught simple but transformational sound, visualisation and breathe yoga based tools to begin to clear stuck energy and limiting beliefs in your physical body.

Module 2 | The Magic of For-Give-Ness

This module gives you the physical yoga based tools to restore balance within your system. It will allow you to release the past with ease and provide you with physical tools for forgiving yourself as well as others. Module 2 also offers you creative processes for transforming negativity into love. You will learn how to balance your yin and yang energy, find your optimal balance and equilibrium to enable you to slow down or fire yourself up at will. You will learn where you hold pain in your body and what issues in your life each pain relates to. If required, I’ll share with you a yoga sequence to support you through what comes up.

Module 3 | Setting Clear Intentions With Laser Beam Focus

In this module, you will learn to set your vibration & access your ‘pulling power’. You’ll be able to set intentions in your life and clear up the resistance you have to manifest these intentions with grace and ease. This module looks at the story of your life and helps you to rewrite it. At this stage, you will be introduced to co-creating tools that will support you through the following six EM Detox Modules and yoga postures for releasing deep holding patterns. You will move from a place of judgement to becoming the observer and co-creator.

Module 4 | FearLESS SOS

With the cache of tools you have amassed so far you’ll have discovered which ones work best for you? By completing this module, you’ll have created your own FearLESS SOS Self Empowerment Toolkit, for those moments where panic normally strikes and old habits resurface.

Module 5 | Male Aspect Detox

Anger & distrust of men and male energy

In this module, you will undergo the process of clearing your subconscious mind of all negative memories, experiences, beliefs and inherited programming that relates to and creates negativity with the men in your life and patriarchy based systems. Your relationships with male figures in your life and with your own inner male (we all possess both masculine and feminine traits which, for many of us can be distorted and out of balance) will be improved.

Module 6 | Female Aspect Detox

Anger & distrust of women and feminine energy

In this module, you clear your subconscious mind of all negative memories, experiences, beliefs and inherited programming that relates to and creates negativity with the women in your life and with the cycles of nature. It will improve your relationships with women in general and with your own inner female (we all possess both masculine and feminine traits which, for many of us can be distorted and out of balance).

Module 7 | Fear Aspect Detox

The biggie for so may of us. Fear is the main reason we are held back from the things we say we want. Fear of success is often more powerful than fear of failure. And throughout history, fear has been used as a method of control and submission as it formed part of our early socialisation, ensuring our behaviour is compliant with those we grow up around.. This module clears the fear subconscious conditioning created from our own direct   experiences, and inherited from our family bloodlines, culture and from society at large. Detox your whole being from fear, terror, panic, worry, anxiety AND (self) doubt. Blast through the fear paradigm so neither fear of failure or success holds you back from growing into the you, you intend to be.

Module 8 | Pain Aspect Detox

By completing this module you will have rewired any addiction to any pain you have in your life whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Forms of pain include sorrow, grief, despair, bitterness and depression. Pain is the result of resistance to eternal truth. This module transforms the resistance into acceptance of what is. 

Module 9 | Guilt Aspect Detox

The poison of guilt that acts like the gremlin of judgement in your head, is nicely transformed into self-love, acceptance and compassion. Guilt, judgement, jealousy, blame, shame punishment, self pity, unworthiness and arrogance are all tied up with guilt...ready to let them go?

Module 10 | Lack Detox

This module blasts out of your mind, any perception of lack in your life whether a lack of money, time, love or health. Lack can show up as scarcity mindset whether you HAVE plenty of money or not...it is limitation consciousness that can show up as fearing losing what one has, being taken advantage of, not knowing if relationships are genuine, and it really doesnt matter how much money you have...there is always the fear of it running out.  You are cleared from the self-sabotaging programs that keep you in a state of mental lack that manifest as physical lack into an abundance of all that you want! For there truly is plenty.

Module 11 | EMPOWERMENT! The Vital and New Me

Making the small changes that make a big difference

You will learn to work with your subtle body system in a unique and fun way to take the judgement out of current lifestyle choices and support the results your vital and new self wishes to co-create, enjoy and experience. This is like removing the foundation bricks from a wall you’d like to see come tumbling down!


Module 12 | Freedom! Aligning with the greatest version of yourself

Not only will you have cleaned up your own subconscious and conscious mind, you will now be aligning in all ways with your greatest version of yourself and creating a toolkit for moving you into what you want to create NEXT. This module is your graduation into self-mastery and conscious co-creating. No more victim consciousness, no more fear as an excuse for staying where you are. Change is now FAR TOO EXCITING to resist!

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