Full Moon Manifesting Inner Circle

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Full Moon CoCreation Healing & Upgrade Inner Circle

EXCLUSIVE to those of you who are SERIOUS about CoCreating, Healing and Ascension - you are invited into the RozyGlow Inner Circle for our once a month Full Moon CoCreation Healing & Upgrade with live Q&A.


For some time I have been running these CoCreation Meditations on YouTube for FREE, but my guidance has told me it is now time to invite those who are COMMITTED to learning how to use their Manifesting Power WISELY, in alignment with the Highest Good, into my RozyGlow 'Inner Circle' - this is the space reserved for my coaching graduates and current coaching clients, because of the EXTREMELY HIGH vibration we hold as a collective.

Think of a Rainbow SpaceShip with lots of RozyGlow StarDust and you get the picture!

So those on my mailing list and connected to my social media platforms will be able to join me and my Inner Circle monthly, to help the seeds planted with the New Moon, take root in fertile soil.

This will also be a space for the most recent graduates of my programs to be witnessed in their graduation ceremony, and YOU get to ask questions to them and to me about the whole experience.

  • Harness the energy of your Star Family, Guides and Teachers and feel supported as we CoCreate a New Earth Paradigm together
  • Offer World Service on current events and gain Personal Healing
  • Learn HOW to use your power WISELY in Alignment with the Highest Good of ALL
  • Turn 'problems' into BLESSINGS
  • Gain Clarity on what you TRULY Desire
  • Boost your Manifesting Power by clearing blocks that show up in a safe and private space.
  • Align with Divine Prosperity and your Soul Blueprint 
  • Enhance your Intuition and Psychic SuperPowers

Full Moon CoCreation Healing & Upgrade Inner Circle

Full Moon in Taurus Eclipse Energy Upgrade & Healing

Thursday 18 November 2021
8.30pm GMT, 15:30 EST, 12.30 PST 

"CoCreating Secure Foundations for Love"

If you want to feel safe as you move through new and unfamiliar territory, this is definitely an upgrade to sign up for.

Last New Moon in Scorpio allowed us the space to illuminate all our fakery - the inauthentic parts of our being that 'appease' the crowds by telling them what they want to hear...all the ways we bury our truth until it demands being acknowledged. There we encounter our 'inner dark god/goddess' - the parts of us that WILL NOT and CANNOT be suppressed if we are to live lives of accountability, transparency and integrity.

And this is what sets the scene for us to TRULY feel SAFE in our own skin, and therefore, the world around us - we do this by embracing the 'good, the bad and the ugly'.

This Full Moon in Taurus is the gift for the hard work we have all been doing - that of meeting our own inner deception, terror and survival tactics with LOVE.

You cannot build a castle or a palace on insecure foundations. If the ground isn't optimal for your soul to shine, everything that is in the way WILL be stripped away.

Medicine often doesnt taste good (have you ever been dished out a 'truth pill'?), but it does make you feel better IF it is medicine to cure rather than to mask the symptoms of dis-ease and pain.

Those of you who have been journeying with me are the truth pill takers, seekers and dishers...it is NOW time to have some soothing balm applied to all those pain points that have had their plasters ripped off.

JOIN ME as we align with cultivating our inner security by seeking to align with TRUTH in ALL of our internal dimensions.

This aligns us with the Divine and gives us FULL permission to SHOW UP and SHINE.

Full price: £33.33
Low income: £22.22
Unwaged / Students: £11.11

Purchase a one full moon CoCreation, Healing & Upgrade inner circle pass. You will gain access to the next live session and access to the replay. 

Keep an eye on times and dates and remember if you can't join LIVE, you WILL get the replay!


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