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FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me

Welcome to FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me!

This course combines yoga and meditation techniques to help clear out mental resistances and blocks preventing you from becoming your best self. 

Are you ready to join the FearLESS tribe?

Here's what we'll be covering throughout the course:

- Discovering the story/genre/theme of your life - What's the story so far? What would you like to change?

- Uncover your resistance and reframe it as a catalyst for change

- Embrace your body and align with your highest intentions

Energy Activation - Harnessing the energy that is available to you to clear out resistance and blocks that are physically manifesting

Clear Intention Setting - Laser Beam Focus. What are you attracting into your life? What you focus on grows...

- Learning to release the past and deep holding patterns within the body through physical practices, including breath, sound, movement and intention

- Creating your Magical Toolkit for FearLESS and Empowered living

Living In Alignment With The Divine - What we put on and in our bodies and making enlightened choices.

The Divine is YOU, by the way... the highest aspect of you that accepts and embraces all of your shadow and all of your light.