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Personal Paradise Workshop


When we focus on our stress we create more stress, if we focus on success we create more success! However when we understand we are creating mostly from our subconscious mind rather than our conscious mind - things can seem to never be getting better however much we visualise and affirm what we want.

The key action required to transition from stress to success is to have a clear awareness of your own version of 'a Personal Paradise'.

In simple terms, if you could wave a magic wand and create your personal ideal conditions in life, what would they be? How would you be living? What would there be more of and less of in your life? This can be harder to imagine than we originally think...but once we are clear, magical things begin to happen.

Are you clear on what the idea of a Personal Paradise is for you?

Do you know what is really in the way of you and your Personal Paradise? If you want some help with creating your Personal Paradise this workshop is for you!

I've learned how to create crystal clarity in intention based on a few tricks I've learned along the way to creating my Personal Paradise and i would be DeLighted to share them with you 🙂

This is a taster of the work we do in RozyGlow.

2-hour Group coaching session replay.