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What People Are Saying:

I am not a spender. I rarely buy new clothes and when I do it’s always from Primark. I think even H&M is too expensive for me. But when it comes to buying stuff for others I’m happy to pay the price. I didn’t have the money for the course to spend on myself but I knew I could find that money for my son. I found the money and I just went for it, I justified it in my head by doing it for my son. Now I know I’m doing it for myself and for all of us. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for someone you truly care about because until you are your best self you are not giving them the version of you they deserve. After the course, money will come flowing in so no need to worry. I know it’s scary but you will learn to trust in the process. Everybody around you will benefit from it. A friend I spoke to on the phone once since I started the process sent me a message when she found out what I was doing to tell me she could feel the happiness and fulfilment in my voice when we spoke. This is going to change your life.

Sophie Paradis

I find parting with money very hard, I always have the money but don’t want to spend it so this was a big deal for me. Always paid less or tried to do it myself and unsurprisingly got mediocre and half arsed results. I actually feel like the investment in this was so representative of investing in myself and I’m more committed than ever which is ultimately affecting how I feel. I don’t feel like there is any going back where as before all the half arsed stuff felt less permanent and very temporary like a plaster, kept my head above water but that was all. Hope this helps too x


I always thought I can solve my problems with my self, and im quite fine with the world. no need to invest in my personal growth. but actually I had my fears and worries just locked up in a dark room, where the slowly been manifesting- to a point with no return. I heard from a friend already long time about rozy - and always been afraid of the idea of investing money in myself. once my fears and patterns have been overcoming me with such a force - I got in contact with rozy. my breakthrough call pointed out, that now is the perfect time to change my life! and even I was scared to invest in my self - I found the money to go for the programme. I have made so much progress on my journey to become fearless, like being productive and happy again. Learning to cry out of sadness, and joy. and so much more. my biggest success so far, after 27 years of smoking I just gave up that habit. I start to believe in my self again and recommend to face your demons the sooner the better. why stay years and years in this grey and unhappy reality, medicate yourself with one ore the other way and unhealthy patterns are just manifesting till you collapse? hope I can help, feel free to correct my spelling mistakes and happy Sunday.


Booking the Breakthrough Call was a huge turning point in my life. Talking with Rozy opened me up to all the subconscious things blocking me from achieving what I knew I was able to. Continued work has improved my life in a number of different areas!

Breakthrough Customer