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Conceive With Ease Breakthrough Call

The call is a powerful shift in itself. Here’s what happens on the call:

  1. Gain clarity on the exact things you really want

  2. Prioritise to get the results that you want

  3. Discover your personal truth, what you feel you are worthy of and your key stories

  4. Relax in the comfort of knowing you are not on your own – with zero judgement

  5. See EXACTLY what needs to change and get ideas of how to change it

  6. Uncover your blind spots where you are holding yourself back, empowering you to progress where there was trouble previously

  7. Feel heard and learn how to hear your higher self

  8. Understand how certain issues in your life relate to each other and find where the causal aspect is for optimal results

  9. Become accountable for yourself. Establish what needs to change, then it’s up to you what you do with it, say yes to your own success with the plan of action

  10. Learn how to release the fear of change and actually breaking through

Remember, booking your breakthrough call is about making a commitment to working work me, and opening yourself up to unblocking your subconscious


Booking Your Call

Upon purchase of your Breakthrough Call, you will receive an email with details on how to confirm your booking with Rosanna. Make sure to double check your spam email.

The price of your Breakthrough call is deducted from the total cost of your purchase when you sign up to work with me


I have wanted a baby for thirteen years. I have been actively trying with my partner for three years and despite numerous investigations and three rounds of IVF, our miracle has not yet happened. It has been extremely difficult. Rozy has been speaking to me for some time about her Conceive with Ease and Emotional Mental Detox programmes and until recently I didn’t feel I had the mental capacity or the time to do them with all I was dealing with. I listened to a few of the meditations but they didn’t seem to resonate and I kept falling asleep. Recently Rozy offered to tailor the programme to fit in with the time and energy I had and to take me through each module via Skype. I was happy to try it, as nothing else had worked for me, and it has been nothing short of life changing. Through talking and meditation I have had a number of revelations concerning situations in my past and present, which have made me look at life in a very different and much more positive and healthy way. Rozy resets me when I’m worried. She helps me make calm decisions. She has given me tools I can use whenever I feel challenged. She has made me believe my baby is coming and soon. Rozy was born to do this. Her incredible intuition, wisdom and gentle nature make you feel that everything is going to be ok and I feel calmer and more positive than I have done in a long time. I am ready for my baby to come.


The last 10years have been filled with a lot of heartache and emotional distress for my husband and I. We firstly lost our little angel very late in pregnancy. I had to then undergo many unpleasant tests, where they thought there may be a possibility of a cervical weakness. We were unable to conceive easily and again underwent further tests. I decided to take matters into my own hands and committed to Rozy’s conceive with ease program and this has been useful even after conceiving. I, unfortunately, lost further pregnancies due to uterine haematomas and other causes. I still persisted and eventually I was able to fall pregnant and carry through until the 9months. It seems though that luck was not on my side as the pregnancies needed a lot of medical intervention, surgery to put a suture in and the traumatic procedure involved in removing the suture without anaesthesia! Antibiotics! I also had ovarian cysts which were twisting my ovaries, but the only thing the hospital could do was to give me Morphine! Once again Rozy came to my rescue, with some reiki and powerful advice. My cysts were going down, my fear of vaginal delivery after being poked and prodded so vigorously after the suture removal was easing and I had begun to accept that the miscarriages I had were because my beautiful little ones inside of me were meant to receive my love for only a short time and they were then going up to join the other little angels. I was fortunate that I had the time I did carrying them💜 After having 2 beautiful boys, I was finally able to close all doors to gynaecology altogether!!! Yet that is what I thought, until early this year when my second little one turned 1 and I found out much to my surprise I was pregnant again!!! It was a miracle, we had not even been trying, this tells you it’s all in the mind. When you want something so bad, it never comes easily but when you are relaxed and least expect it, miracles can really happen. This was a beautiful gift to be pregnant again, but I was feeling so scared and nervous about going through this horrible journey once again. I was just fed up of being poked and prodded by doctors for so many years, my body just felt like it couldn’t be violated any more. The first few weeks I felt so guilty about feeling this way. I then decided, that this time around I’m going to do things my way. I decided that I would not have the suture put in and instead do acupuncture. I was happy to be monitored by doctors but no internal scans just minimal amounts of external ultrasound scans. Initially, the consultants were not happy with my decisions but they did respect my reasons behind it. I am now over 5months pregnant and this has been such a positive experience. I am finally in control of my body and my baby. I am feeling so blessed, I can’t wait to meet my little baby in September❤️