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The conversation that your soul is wishing to have with your human self

If you are finding yourself unsure of the most optimal direction to follow in your life right now, you are invited into an intimate conversation with your soul.

These calls are perfect for when you are experiencing a sense of unfulfilment, confusion, or apathy in your love life, career, health or life mission and when you are lacking motivation, desire or a sense of purpose in general.

Sound familiar?

You may be feeling like you are outgrowing your current circumstances and often wonder ‘is this all there is?’, or ‘what next’?

You may also find that what used to work for you so well, no longer is, and this can include relationship harmony, conflict resolution, health, dietary choices and body image, income generation, client attraction, visibility, how you spend your time, your friendships, partnerships and what you truly want for yourself and the world.

This all points to one thing

You are ready to have a conversation with your soul as you have an evolution of your soul mission.

Key elements addressed on the call include:
  • Accessing a clear vision of your Personal Paradise so you have a blueprint to align with

  • How to navigate from where you are now in life, to where you have a longing and soul destiny to be

  • Where endings are necessary to make way for new beginnings and how to face the fear of change so everyone involved is supported through it

  • Minimising the negative impact of change for you and those it affects so you can plan for the potential challenges/control mechanisms of others

  • Taking responsibility for what is yours and handing back what isn’t

  • Activating your unique SuperPowers so you can create your own miracles and magic and own your sacred gifts fully

If you are feeling ready to stop playing small and commit fully to the most graceful, easy and joyFULL way of living your life and fulfilling your soul purpose, this session will give you all the guidance you need from your Highest Self and your non physical support network so you can know what needs doing, and remove the blocks to doing it.

In this reading and channelling we uncover what are:
  • The root limitations holding you back from freely expressing yourself as the powerful CoCreator you are designed to be

  • How to live as the Divine Human you are so you CAN experience the most graceful easy and joyful way of living your life and fulfilling soul purpose

  • What is needed for you to develop the qualities that allow YOU to THRIVE as a New Earth leader, visionary, system buster & way shower.

  • The key changes required so you can lead by example rather than end up being the last in line for everything, therefore unable to show up fully for everyone else

  • Access to the frequency codes designed to specifically free you NOW from wherever you feel stuck, with your own bespoke Reality Crafting CoCreation Meditation.

This is a 90 minute session of pure power as your soul communicates directly with your human and reveals what is needed to get on your soul path and out of your own way.

The result?

You will come away from this reading with absolute clarity regarding which direction is most suited to your highest path, how to align with your next level soul purpose and how to fulfil it with passion and joy.

You will also have a recording of your personal CoCreation meditation that will keep you connected to the frequencies of your Divine Human Self, so you cultivate the courage and confidence to keep taking your next brave step, and allow your new frequency resonance to bring to you that which is most optimal for you now.

Ready to say YES?

What People Are Saying:

I stopped beating myself up for everything I thought I didn't do well as a business owner and visionary and focused on where I was putting limitations in my own way. By allowing myself to challenge my own in built stereotypes, i stopped playing small, 10 X my income, allowed myself to fall in love and recognised the value i was bringing to this world, by claiming my unique vision and owning the beauty of my designs. I gave myself permission to relax and enjoy the ride, rather than constantly fighting a system I hated.


Working with RozyGlow taught me that I did not need to lead with a hard edge - even though the stakes are high and those I negotiate with are used to playing hardball, I brought with me a fresh perspective that disarmed my competitors and made my more expensive proposals more enticing to prospective clients. I let go of the drive that was distancing me from my family and learned how to take care of them by taking care of me. This heart centred approach is now a standard with my employees, colleagues and adversaries.


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