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Festive First Aid Kit

We ALL know that Festive periods are meant to be light hearted, fun and full of joy but this is not the way it feels for many of us.

Invariably the pressure of visiting family members, the grief associated with the loss of loved ones, the temptation to overindulge and the gap between how we are told family and festive celebrations SHOULD be, as opposed to how they are, can really take its toll.

This little toolkit it is designed to help you find your inner harmony whenever things feel out of balance externally - remembering we cannot change others, nor should we want to.

Meditations and physical practices designed to:

  • Keep your energy sovereign and not take on the negativity of others
  • Transform painful emotions into comforting ones
  • Overcome the illusion of 'not enough time'
  • Manage tense moments with ease and grace
  • Curb over indulgence and piling on the pounds
  • Dealing with difficult people - both your nearest and dearest and those you don't have time for
  • Getting the children and teens on side
  • Support with grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Navigating the Post Festive Slump so you start the New Year with a YAY!