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The Auracle Healing Cards: Complete Book & Card Set

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Working with the Auracle Healing Cards can bring Clarity and Awareness which:

  • Opens your Heart to deeply profound insights, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be forgiven, and healed.

  • Restore emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity.

  • Assist in dissolving lower, fear based vibrations or thought forms ruling your actions which don’t resonate with Love.

  • Help ground your visions, allowing you to do what you Love in life.

  • Bring clarity and empowerment on your life path with new levels of direction and focus.

  • Open you up for receiving Self-Love, Compassion, Kindness, Nurturing, and to Honour your life.

  • Awaken you to deeper states of intuition.

  • Bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to your Guides.

Each Auracle Healing Cards Deck contains:

  • The Auracle Healing Cards are 4″ x 6″ with a different image on each side of the card. A total of 56 cards with 112 exquisite Healing Images and Mandalas.
  • The accompanying Guidebook is 6″ x 8″ with 159 pages of uplifting messages, profound spiritual insights, answers to your questions and a simple explanation on how to do readings.