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Cacao Love Ecuador - Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao

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Cacao Love Ecuador is a truly ancient variety of our beloved plant medicine, harvested with devotion by indigenous Quechua families in the Amazonian region of Tena.

This heirloom strain is known as ‘Arriba Nacional del Fino Aroma’ and its ‘fine aroma’ immediately opens the senses when encountered!

It is one of the rarest varieties of cacao in the world, and recent anthropological discoveries show that Ecuadorians have been harvesting and consuming cacao for over 5,000 years - currently the oldest evidence of cacao use we have today.

The trees which are harvested to produce Cacao Love Ecuador are almost 50 years old, and so carry a wisdom of the forest absorbed by decades of growth in their ancestral habitat.

For those of you engaged with any of the RozyGlow online coaching programmes, preparing some Ceremonial Grade Cacao to take before or during the early part of your live call will help you journey deeper and bypass the usual blocks in your own consciousness. You can play around with your dose if you wish to experience the effects of a ceremonial dose while on a live call. But do be cautious if you are sensitive to caffeine as it may keep you awake late into the night!

Rosanna also performs a toast with Ceremonial Grade Cacao at the start of her MultiDimensional yoga classes, and before the New Moon and Full Moon CoCreations, which she hosts online each month.

Check out the RozyGlow blog post on Ceremonial Grade Cacao and its benefits, which will also tell you how to prepare and use Ceremonial Grade Cacao.