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I AM RozyGlow

One of the New York Weekly Times Top 12 Most Inspirational Women to Look Out for in 2022


I AM RozyGlow

I AM Rosanna Hanness (Kalliabetsos), Founder of RozyGlow. As a catalyst for CoCreating the New Earth paradigm, I AM recognised as one of the world's leading ascension speakers, teachers, experts and visionaries.
I have successfully taught thousands of people that early programming and false narrative conditioning, is running their lives, how to deprogram from it and how to create NEW programs that align them with what they want to experience and create in this world.
This is called Awakening through GRACE.

I AM changing the world, are YOU?

"Just putting this out there but Rozy you are one incredible woman. You truly are. You are the mother I wish I had growing up. You are the divine feminine in all of us. Guiding us and supporting us on this magical transformational journey within. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to have such an incredible mentor in you. I knew in my heart there was so much about you I would learn from. Thank you for your words of wisdom, support, love, patience and understanding. So many tears as I write this. From a heart felt space of love. That ice maiden is melting away slowly with all your help. So much love and heart felt gratitude to you and all you amazing star seed and soul family." Nix 

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Learn how to unplug from the matrix and ALIGN with your inner compass to navigate through the confusion and illusion of unprecedented times.

I embody the practices I teach and have liberated myself from a struggle mindset and poverty consciousness – to living a life I LOVE in Divine Sacred Union with my beloved Twin Flame.

Break through limitations to align with LOVE, draw in vibrant HEALTH and reach new heights in WEALTH creation – all in vibration with the highest good.

I AM RozyGlow. Let me guide you.

MultiDimensional doesn't just apply to her coaching, Rosanna is a living embodiment of the tennets of CoCreation, FearLESS living and abundance that she teaches.

  • Certified Emotional Mental Detox Coach
  • Creator of MultiDimensional Success Coaching
  • Creator of MultiDimensional Gentle / Dynamic Nurture Flow Yoga
  • Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK
  • Hatha Yoga Certification
  • Anusara Yoga Inspired Status
  • Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Tutor
  • Birthlight Baby Yoga Tutor
  • Birthlight Maternity Service Professionals Tutor
  • Certified Doula
  • Reiki Master

Amazing yoga instructor and coach

Rosanna is an amazing yoga instructor and coach. I attend online multi-dimensional yoga classes twice a week that really soothe the soul, using her physical practice really helps clear blocks. I've also done a few of her coaching courses and they have really helped to transform my life and perspective 🙏

Sarah Wandsworth

We need more people like Rozy in the world!

We need more people like Rozy in the world! I have had soooo many healing yoga classes with her, such a genuine practice provides much comfort in times of doubt! Each class she shows up unapologetically herself and inspires you to do the same. You're encouraged to walk in your authenticity and divinity! Love love love this lady and love love love the experience of yoga with her as my teacher!

Vivian Wall

I instantly felt connected to her energy and vibration

After speaking to Rozy on a breakthrough call, I instantly felt connected to her energy and vibration that great things are on the horizon through our connection. I can't wait to get started on this new pathway with your guidance.

Emily Corney

I cannot recommend Rozy's work highly enough

I adore Rozy's yoga classes! They always leave me feeling more energetic than when I started and are like no other classes I have ever been to. Rozy uses the physical practices of a broad range of yoga styles to help shift perspectives and thought patterns, and provide inspiration that I feel long after I've stepped off the mat. And as for the RozyGlow coaching courses, the FearLESS programme has changed my life! I'm now doing Liberation from Limitation and have got so much from it already. I cannot recommend Rozy's work highly enough.

Laura Gardner

Featured In

Authority Magazine

Reducing Unprocessed Trauma: Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness’ Big Idea That Might Change The World


How the Media and Entertainment Industry Can Shift the Power From Fear to Love

The media and entertainment industry has the power to shift the world from a place of fear to love, and many are doing that by working with world-renowned expert and divine healer Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness.

New York Weekly Times

Top 12 Most Inspirational Women to Look Out for in 2022 – The Official List

In a world where women are being marginalized and rarely supported, some women muster up the courage to get up, challenge the status quo, and make their place in the world.

The Simonetta Lein TV Show

The Simonetta Lein Show.
Rosanna is interviewed on the Game Changing Entrepreneurs Panel 12: "How Can You Create A Long-Term Vision For Your Business?"

The Hollywood Digest

Meet the Maverick behind the StarPeace Movement, Rosanna Hanness.



StarWars is Over | Rosanna “RozyGlow” Hanness on the Dawn of a New Era Called StarPeace

Influencive offers Unconventional Wisdom from Influential Minds.

Reawakening Beauty

A Yogi Shares Her Secrets to Living a Fully Aligned Life

Shawna and Rosanna hold a conversation that unlocks the multidimensional side of life, so we can live, love, care for and better help everyone we meet.

Daily Mail / Mail Online


Rosanna and Ian are featured in a Daily Mail article on StarSeeds and their husbands.

Day of The Divine Feminine

Birthing the New Earth

33 world-leading female authors, speakers, teachers, experts and luminaries in their field, including me, in a 9-hour, live-streamed, FREE event called 'Day Of The Divine Feminine ~ Birthing The New Earth. It's about:
Natural Fertility, Sacred Sexuality, Menstruation Rites, Conscious Conception, Healthy Pregnancy, Blissful Birthing, Owning Motherhood, Crowning the Crone in Menopause and Birthing The New Earth.

The Warrior Podcast

Personal Growth

In this edition Rozy talks to us about personal growth and clearing old pathways to make space for the new and positive in our lives. It's a powerful process and takes time.
During the podcast you can join in with a 5 minute guided meditation to help get you started on this road to 'reprogramme' your old pathways.

Surrender in Motion Podcast

How and WHY to open your heart

Rozy explains how we choose activities that keep us locked in the paradigm that there is not enough time and then gives us tools to move out of this conditioning. If you feel like life moves too fast for you to keep up with it she explains how we are powerful beyond our understanding and actually when you slow down you can rearrange everything.

Happy Nest

Who is supporting you in your motherhood journey?
And what it takes to achieve an optimal birth.

The Lifestyle Library

Panel Expert

Article: How To Achieve your New Year Resolutions

The BrightSky Community

I AM a Founding Member

BrightSky is a bridge between those in need and those who can offer support, between community and ethical business, between alternative health and modern medicine and ultimately between dreams and reality.

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