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Divine Legacy Upgrade

The practice for aligning with prosperity and clearing the blocks physically, emotionally and psychologically that are preventing you from realising your full potential!


I AM a Love Magnet

I AM a LOVE MAGNET collection of meditations and practises.
Are you desiring Divine Connection and LOVE ?
Whether you are yet to unite with your twin flame – or you would like to experience more Divine love and fulfilment in your current relationship – I invite you to ALIGN your whole being and consciousness with the vibration of LOVE.


Sacred Union Activation Codes Masterclass

Align with the frequency of sacred union so you experience the love you dream of, and repel the toxic love stories you are fed up with attracting.

Whether you are single and longing for true love, in a relationship but unfulfilled, unsure whether you should stay or ho, or feeling like there are new levels to reach in your relationship with the one you love, this masterclass is for YOU!


The Conscious Pregnancy Journey

This workshop will take you through each stage of pregnancy and covers everything I wish parents to be knew before they even conceived... it is a blueprint for conscious pregnancy, birth and postnatal healing.

Whether you have been pregnant, given birth or preparing for your first baby experience, this is an invitation to set yourself up for the most enjoyable parenting journey and your baby up for life, BEFORE conception (or as soon after as possible)!


Cosmic Cleanup Crew

7 days worth of guided audio meditations to declutter and "deep clean" your energy field Channel and integrate high frequency vibrations into your energy field. Acknowledge and LOVE UP the things that trigger you.


Recession Proof Your Energy Masterclass

The three universal keys to eradicating lack from you bank balance, business and relationships so you can tap into the infinite flow of Abundance, Miracles and Magic eternally.

In this 2 hour Masterclass you will learn the key energetic and physical practices required to reset your internal dial to regenerative wealth and eternal flow in all that feels like a struggle in your life presently.


Personal Paradise Workshop

Transform Stress into Success

The key action required to transition from stress to success is to have a clear awareness of your own version of 'a Personal Paradise'.

I've learned how to create crystal clarity in intention based on a few tricks I've learned along the way to creating my Personal Paradise and i would be DeLighted to share them with you.


Chakra Upgrade

RozyGlow guides you through a 5D Chakra Upgrade- to invite the codes required to balance out the masculine and feminine chakras and transmute the pain stories that have kept us stuck, fighting for change but getting nowhere fast.


Ancestral Miracle Magic: Calling in a Divine Intervention

Theme: Ancestral Miracle Magic: Calling in a Divine Intervention
A powerful CoCreation for calling in our bloodline and Galactic ANCESTORS to help us to clear old patterns. The original event took place on Samhain / All Hallows Eve. Receive a BONUS CoCreation when you purchase, which will support you to integrate your shifts after completing the Ancestral Miracle Magic CoCreation replay.


Festive First Aid Kit

The Ultimate ToolKit for getting through tense festive periods when it feels more like you have to than you want to.

A selection of practical mindset and energy shifting tools designed to help make every festive period one where LOVE can WIN.


Singing Bowls Audio Meditation

Set to a background of Crystal Singing Bowls played by Rachelle Rodrigues, this audio meditation works by activating your ‘I AM’ presence, the GodSelf within you that holds the codes for your Divine Human Blueprint.


Rozy & Kate: Pregnancy Yoga

Rozy and Kate guide you through several short yoga sequences, full of simple techniques you can use all day long to ease, stretch and strengthen your body as your baby grows. These unique sequences are designed to prevent and ease the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and help align mum and baby for a positive birth experience. Most exercises are suitable from earliest pregnancy and throughout. For all levels of fitness, no previous experience necessary.


Rozy & Kate: Postnatal Yoga

Rozy and Kate guide you through several short yoga sequences for your to fit into your busy life. There is also a full one-hour practice for when you have time to indulge. These unique sequences are designed to prevent and ease the common aches and pains associated with postnatal recovery and to promote healing on all levels, no matter how your baby’s birth turned out.

Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao


Cacao Love Peru -Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao

Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao from Peru supplied by our friend Gavin Kendrick at Cacao Love.

Cacao Love Peru is deep, grounding and heart opening. It's well suited for ceremonies, meditation and stillness in nature. It's easy to prepare and melts into a sensuously smooth elixir - perfect for your first encounter with the spirit of cacao.


Cacao Love Ecuador - Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao

Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao from Ecuador supplied by our friend Gavin Kendrick at Cacao Love.

Cacao Love Ecuador is floral, energising and euphoric - well suited for ecstatic dance, nature walks and erotic explorations with oneself or another! 

Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Keith Wilson, aka the 'real' Willie Wonka, supplies RozyGlow with the raw, unrefined ceremonial grade cacao paste and cacao beans straight from the rain forest of Guatemala, and chosen by mama cacao herself.

Affiliate Products


The Auracle Healing Cards: Complete Book & Card Set

Opens your Heart to deeply profound insights, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be forgiven, and healed. Help restore emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity. Assist in dissolving lower, fear-based vibrations or though-forms ruling your actions which don’t resonate with Love.

Cytoplan Nutritional Supplements

Check out the vast range of supplements offered by Cytoplan. My choice for natural nutritional supplements.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Rosanna is a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA pure essential oils. These oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health, harnessing nature's most powerful elements.


Rowland Organic Earthing Sheet

Earthing during sleep provides the body with multiple hours of uninterrupted Earthing, at a time where we naturally undergo the most healing and regeneration. Using innovative Earthing technology combined with certified organic cotton, the Rowland Earthing Sheet transfers free electrons straight from the Earth to you, allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep.


Groundology Grounding Mat

Conductive grounding mat for earthing while sitting or standing, while at a desk, watching television, etc.

It can be used under your bare feet, or on a desk with your bare hands resting on it.

Ideal to be used as a mat under your computer keyboard and mouse, enabling you to be grounded as your hands or wrists rest on the mat while typing or using the mouse.


Snoozel Green Natural Organic Mattress

Sleep Naturally with Snoozel Green Mattresses.
Hypoallergenic, NonToxic, Handmade, Organic & Natural Materials



RozyGlow has a selection of crystals on offer that all support a shift from 4D consciousness to 5D.

Crystal grids are also available to purchase. These include a central ‘wand’ made of selenite, and four pieces each of quartz and obsidian, to be placed in the four corners of your space or home. Crystals with frequencies you wish to amplify are then placed at the centre of the grid. The crystals you energise using your grid can be changed or added to as often as you feel the need.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the crystals most beneficial to your growth and what you wish to CoCreate.

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The practice for aligning with prosperity and clearing the blocks physically, emotionally and psychologically that are preventing you from realising your full financial potential.