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TUESDAYS | 10:00 - 11:00 AM GMT /  5:00AM EST 
FRIDAYS | 1:00 - 2:00 PM GMT /  8:00 AM EST

RozyGlow created MultiDimensional Yoga. In this mixed level yoga class you can expect a slow flow (therapeutic vinyasa) with an exploration of bridging postures ... flowing from one plane into the next, with SuperHuman Finesse!

This yoga is all about discovering the blind spots in your body and connecting you to your soul light. It is perfect for StarSeeds, Empaths and LightWorkers as it strengthens our energetic boundaries and connection to Source.

Next: 22 APRIL 2024 | 8.00PM BST / 3:00PM EDT | ONLINE

Full Moon Personal Healing, Resistance Clearing & Reality Crafting

When powerful intentions are set into motion we KNOW that resistance will show up, so the Full Moon sessions are designed to specifically clear this resistance up, as deeply as is possible without doing a full Emotional Mental detox (which is what our 121 and group coaching programs offer). When we wish to see a change in the world, the most effective place to create that change is in ourselves, so this is how we offer world service through personal healing. The StarPeace Collective speak through my Light Language which helps to speed the process of clearing up and direct the healing energy codes where they are most needed in those who attend.

I will be offering channelled guidance to those in the zoom room who have questions or are experiencing a particular challenge. This is ALWAYS relevant to those who catch the replay.



The Thrive Paradigm Initiation Meditation & Masterclass

In line with the energies of the 2024 Eclipses and timeline leap, this is your opportunity to experience an energy audit of your Divine Architecture and receive the Earth Chakra Activation through a guided meditation and masterclass.

During the Lion's Gate Portal 8-12 August 2024, we are going to be receiving an unprecedented downpour of peace frequencies from the galactic centre of our cosmos.

In order to make the most of the gifts being offered to humanity and the planet, it is essential that we have prepared our energetic container, what I refer to as our Divine Architecture, to hold the capacity for this mass expansion which is required for our ascension into 5D and beyond.
The earth chakra activation is the starting point of accessing the Thrive paradigm both personally and in the collective.

The masterclass takes you through the significance of the eclipses either side of this year's EPIC Lion's Gate portal, and why the Lion's Gate is so much more potent this year than usual.

I AM gifting this to my community so you can have a direct experience of what is possible through the RozyGlow methodology.



The three essential keys to healing the mother wound and unblocking the flow of receiving Masterclass

Do you have a mother wound that is blocking your flow to receiving?

How we relate to our mother affects our relationship with receiving on ALL levels including romantic love, nurturing, affection, sexual pleasure, material resources and feeling safe with our emotions.
It also affects our capacity to trust love is safe and trusting women and the feminine in general.
Then there is the relationship with the divine and whether we believe there is a generous supply of what we need and desire ‘on tap’ or whether there is a catch to us receiving- must we be ‘good’ in order to be worthy and deserving of our needs being met?

Our time in the womb lays the foundations for whether we are born wired to survive or thrive, and even IF we are able to produce our own happy hormones and neurotransmitters.

So, there are many reasons why our maternal bond holds the key to our ability to RECEIVE. I will be sharing the 3 essential keys to healing the mother wound and unblocking the flow of receiving.

If you’d like to shift your relationship with receiving in an instant and build trust in the belief that you CAN have what you desire and it is safe to relax in your body, emotions and thoughts, you won’t want to miss this!

The ‘motherboard upgrade’ is what my FearLESS, Loved Up & Limitless course gifts you and I will also be revealing to you the key methodology involved in the rewiring process. If you have been wondering if this program is for you, this masterclass will address any questions you have.



Monthly FREE Masterclasses

These will be themed around Conscious Union, Conscious Creation, Conscious Wealth and Conscious Influence and will be responsive to your requests…so do remember to ‘Just Ask’ for what you want more of.

We are excited to bring to life the mindset shifts that form the basis of StarPeace Consciousness through live interactions so they become the basis for our chosen reality. Excited?!!! So YES!!!!!!

Upcoming Masterclass Dates:


Luxury Container 7 JULY - 7 OCTOBER & In person Retreat 7 - 10 August 2024 I WALES

Lion's Gate Portal of Peace 3 Month Transformational Container & 3 Night Luxury Retreat

A Once in THIS Lifetime Invitation for Heart Centred Leaders, Luminaries, Way Showers and Visionaries ready to embody the frequency that allows you to manifest your desired reality, for yourself AND the world with Divine Grace, Ease & Speed.

This year's Lions Gate numerology happens to be 888 which is incredibly auspicious and an incredible opportunity to amplify the energetic frequencies of  WEALTH, JOY & PEACE on an unprecedented scale for ourselves personally and also for the global collective.

Truly wonderful, nurturing, blessedly abundant weekend of absolute JOY

Thank you so much with all my heart RozyGlow and Ian 💖🦄💙Thank you all so so so much for ALL the giggles, swim, amazing hot tub conversations, beautiful deep healing sound bath, soul nourishing food and great catch ups. I feel so full of peace and love and Joy and so equipped for whatever is now, and coming, and becoming into my reality YEAH BABY ✨ 

/ StarPeace Self-Care Retreat 2023

Phenomenal weekend retreat

Hello beautiful beings, that was a phenomenal weekend retreat @RozyGlow!
My vibration is still so high, my heart is so full with Love and Joy and I feel so grateful to have had this time with my soul Sisters to laugh, cry, giggle, share, have fun and feel so held with no judgement.
I feel totally nourished from the inside out, I haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time!

/ StarPeace Self-Care Retreat 2023

Deeply nourishing soul enriching weekend

Thank you for all of your love and support, it was wonderful to be in your company.
May we take these magical codes into our everyday and leave a little sparkle everywhere we step.
@RozyGlow eternal gratitude to you sistar for your strength, grace and unification us all. So grateful to your divine masculine for holding space for us all.

/ StarPeace Self-Care Retreat 2023

Soul nourishing

Thank you all for such a soul nourishing day on Saturday. I say again Rosanna, you are my angel ✨.  It was so nice to reconnect with those I already know and I made some really lovely connections with new people. It is very powerful to know that whatever happens in our lives we are always safe and supported in this group.

/ StarPeace Self-Care Retreat 2023

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