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Love & Sacred Union

CoCreate Reality

As a MultiDimensional Success Coach I teach other how to CoCreate the Reality they desire by aligning fully with it and clearing all conscious and subconscious resistance to it.

The bottom line is this- we ALL want to be love, feel love, experience love and share love. Any sacred union we have with another, starts as a blue print of sacred union within us. We cannot have true and deep love with another, if we are not able to truly love and accept ourselves, for love is a vibrational state.

And the CRAZY thing is, MOST of us, PUSH AWAY the very thing we say we want (a committed and loving relationship, baby etc), because we are scared of having it. NOT consciously- but deep down.

Ready to find Love?


"I am celebrating finally pursuing a passion of mine (learning to sail) and literally falling into the arms of an amazing man who is truly meeting and matching me in so many ways, making my dreams of paradise a reality. 

Working with Rosanna's exclusive 121 coaching has delivered. The blind spots she has lovingly and supportively (with REAL honesty) worked with me on has shown me how I can CoCreate my paradise life aligned with my Divine Blueprint.

I now have a life that has moved from good to FANTASTIC, a loving beloved soul partner who adores me, and an amazing potential for more of what I want and deserve in all areas of my life."


Early influences shape us

We are all impacted by our inherited programming and previous experiences, whether direct or passed down from those who conceived us and/or brought us up.
Our inner masculine, feminine and child is aonly s emotionally and psychologically healthy as those who influenced us most in our early years, and our expectations of the Divine Source - ALL That IS - are based on them too.

Attracting love starts within

So although I don't run coaching programmes called 'how to get the guy/girl in x weeks', I promise you that the essence to everything I teach is the healing of the relationship within.

Once you Love Up the wounds of those inner aspects of you, the magic can truly start happening.

If you are here because you are looking for love, you ARE in the right place.

YOU control your destiny

Having the focus on YOU makes everything you want possible, achievable and much closer than you imagine. The end results you desire are the gifts that come from upgrading your inner circuitry to your Divine BluePrint. This way you can CoCreate Your Personal Paradise in alignment with you Soul Truth.

It all starts with a Sacred Union Activation Call

How Clair rekindled her 24 year old Marriage


How Clemence found love

Loving Testimonials

This is our new life and it's a very lovely life

We are using the tools to communicate with each other when stuff comes up, get to know each other beyond our usual reactions. It is really something quite beautiful. We feel like this is our new life and it’s a very lovely life and we are very happy!

We are getting to know each other, getting to really understand each other and what we really need, rather than what our egos need and getting clear on that. Thank you, it is truly special.

RozyGlow client

Feeling REALLY loved up

Feeling REALLY loved up right now with life and the possibilities! He’s pretty much meeting me where I need to be. He gets it all.

RozyGlow client

Two adults, aligned, feeling safe and trusting

Having just gone through 5 months of working with you to address my own shadow and the shadows in our relationship, since we decided to get back together after nearly divorcing, I can say it feels like we are two adults aligned, feeling safe, having trust, holding space, communicating, whilst also holding our own truth. We have never been able to be this honest before.

RozyGlow Client

Crazy increase in sex drive

Celebrating this crazy increase in my sex drive! Hubby isn't complaining...something has surely shifted! He says if we keep this up, it's his cardio workout!

RozyGlow client

Harmonious balance

I have the privilege of working with Rozy on a 1:1 basis for coming up to 6 months now and the shift in perspective is astounding. All those around me are seeing the difference and are starting to question, 'how'?

I can see a harmonious balance between my personal life and business world for the first time. I am truly excited about the next 6 months ahead and all that there is waiting for me to unlock.

RozyGlow client

All of my dreams have come true

The magical woman I met is now living with me  in a stunning flat  which we rented together. ... and currently custom engagement rings are being made!  I literally could not have imagined someone so perfect for me.

In other news, money has been raining on me from random sources, which has allowed me to drop to working only 3 days a week and raise my savings by 5 times! (yes, 5!)

Due to having more time and happiness, I've been able to return to the biggest dream of my life: rewriting a book I wrote 8 years ago.

Basically all of my dreams have come true and this has been the most unbelievably perfect year of my life.

RozyGlow client

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