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Have you ever been taught yoga by a transformational soul coach, Atlantian master teacher, and senior yoga teacher with 22 years+ experience in fertility, pregnancy, postnatal healing, perimenopause and Light Body activation yoga?

MultiDimensional Yoga


"That was truly transformational!"

"If I miss a RozyGlow class I feel out of sorts with my souls for the rest of the week"

"Flowing alongside my soul family"


MultiDimensional Success Coach

I AM Rosanna, Founder of RozyGlow. As a catalyst for CoCreating the New Earth paradigm, I AM recognised as one of the world's leading ascension speakers, teachers, experts and visionaries. 
I have successfully taught thousands of people that early programming and false narrative conditioning, is running their lives, how to deprogram from it and how to create NEW programs that align them with what they want to experience and create in this world.
This is called Awakening through GRACE.

Will you stay wired to 'survive' or choose to ReWire and THRIVE?

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Glowing Testimonials

I AM in my PERFECT place in my life, love, work and home (yes, whilst Covid is going on!). Having been an early adopter of FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME, Liberation from Limitation AND 121 coaching with Rosanna, what I can say is everything I have learned I have integrated and embodied.

Clair Bush

I just wanted to share with you that the things I have done with you- The FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 be me course, all the deep diving….letting go of guilt, blame, shame in a graceful way….it's REALLY powerful!

Augustine Tse

The Liberation from Limitation course has so much valuable content. It really inspired my steps that led me to the launch of my business, it really helped me believe in me, it helped me deal with any challenges that arose with grace and ease.  I am now doing Rozy’s FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 B ME course and looking forward to the next part of the journey, personally and professionally.


Carla Collins
Loveup candle creator

This is a full physical excavation of everything that is not your true identity so you can finally let your soul light shine through without fear. It's a homecoming to who you truly are so you can be free to express your soul truth in your physical reality, as an Awakened StarSeed


Human Design Alignment Coach

I am celebrating finally pursuing a passion of mine (learning to sail) and literally falling into the arms of an amazing man who is truly meeting and matching me in so many ways, making my dreams of paradise a reality. I now have a life that has moved from good to FANTASTIC, a loving beloved soul partner who adores me, and an amazing potential for more of what I want and deserve in all areas of my life


MultiDimensional Psychotherapist

I can say it feels like we are two adults aligned, feeling safe, having trust, holding space, communicating, whilst also holding our own truth. We have never been able to be this honest before. I feel as though I know I can navigate through whatever is coming up.



I was worried about the money but then I decided to put myself first for once. I decided to give myself a gift, an act of love. Even my son, who is very shrewd with money said to me ‘it is the best thing you have ever done’. He benefited directly from my change, my opening to a different way of being that is more healthy, happy and balanced.


Emerging Butterfly
Family Charity Coordinator


Rosanna is one of my proudest success stories

Rosanna is my UK representative for the Emotional Detox Program and I highly recommend her coaching services. She is an excellent teacher, coach and model for Quantum living. 

Rosanna applied the consciousness technology of my Emotional Detox Program to break free from the limitation of her subconscious programming and once free she was able to activate her Quantum Consciousness and create her ideal life. Rosanna is now sharing what she has learnt through her inspired creation RozyGlow, offering online coaching and digital products that include my Emotional Mental Detox module.

Author, Speaker & Empowerment Leader
Founder of the Reality Crafting Institute and Creator of the Emotional Mental Detox Program



"Just putting this out there but Rozy you are one incredible woman. You truly are. You are the mother I wish I had growing up. You are the divine feminine in all of us. Guiding us and supporting us on this magical transformational journey within. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to have such an incredible mentor in you. I knew in my heart there was so much about you I would learn from. Thank you for your words of wisdom, support, love, patience and understanding. So many tears as I write this. From a heart felt space of love. That ice maiden is melting away slowly with all your help. So much love and heart felt gratitude to you and all you amazing star seed and soul family." Nix 



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