MultiDimensional Yoga

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MultiDimensional Yoga


What is MultiDimensional Yoga?

An embodied prayer that uses grounded, aligned and EXPANSIVE yoga practices – coupled with the power of INTENTION – to create cosmic shifts in your reality.

MultiDimensional yoga taps into our body’s relationship with our energy field. By awakening more of our subtle body system, we ACTIVATE our lightbody and become properly earthed portals of LIGHT – a healing practice for self and for our planet.

This style of yoga was created by RozyGlow and draws on the Birthlight approach to women’s yoga (which men need too!), as well Anusara Yoga and Bo Forbes’ approach to Therapeutics.

"I’m a big fan of yoga anyway but Rozy’s classes are a bit special.....there’s the delicious cacao, the oracle cards (with optional mini-reading); the great mixture of dynamic flow, handstand fun and nurturing, restorative poses; the community vibe; the connecting to cosmic energies and of course Rozy’s warm, vibrant approach and wicked sense of humour!! All the above combine to keep me coming back week after week... "

CoCreating the Ultimate New Normal


Activate Your I AM Presence (Your Soul Self/Higher Self- the YOU That Already has what you want)


Connect to and Activate Your Earth & Soul Chakras and Connection to the Crystaline Grid - be an EFFECTIVE Force for Good in This World.


Awaken Your Light Body (Merkaba Field that allows you to access your ability to CoCreate Your Reality Consciously in Alignment with Your Higher Self)


Integrate Your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex (Get OUT of your Mental Body/Pain Body and into your Heart)


Hold the vibration that you are seeking to radiate


Maximise your Capacity to CoCreate WHAT YOU DESIRE in Your Life by Aligning With The Highest Good of All.

Flowing alongside my soul family

I look forward to your class every week knowing that I will be flowing alongside my soul family led by your wise and fun-loving soul.


My soul needs class

If I miss a RozyGlow class I feel all out of sorts in my soul for the rest of the week.


My life has completely transformed

Since joining Rozy's classes two years ago, my life has completely transformed. I have gone through a process of releasing so much of what no longer serves me, and in that process, the last two years have provided me with an abundance of transformational shifts.

Gentle Nurture Flow Yoga Classes
This gentle, remedial and restorative yoga class is focused on deep holding pattern release and therapeutic alignment, to support you in aligning with your Optimal Blueprint. We work with reversing spirals of doom into spirals of JOY, by undoing current body conditioning to find freedom within and re patterning cellular memory. RozyGlow classes are Anusara Influenced (Anusara means to flow with grace)
Suitable for beginners
Monday | RozyGlow | 6:00 - 7:15 pm
Dynamic Nurture Flow Yoga Class
Mixed level therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on activating, cleansing, and harmonizing all layers of the energetic body through the physical practice of yoga. This is an intention setting focused class, where dynamic yoga postures are used to clear resistance and align with the most auspicious expression of what we desire.
Monday | RozyGlow | 7:45 - 9:00 pm
Nurturing Flow Yoga Classes
A mixed level class with a focus on uniting your mind, body and spirit through the physical practice of yoga. You will be invited to really tune into what it is you need that day and given space to find your way back to you. Each week will be inspired by your energy, the collective feels and a little astrology. We will move, flow and ground as we explore Yoga movements, breathing, meditation and relaxation.
Suitable for beginners
Thursday | Kit Kat Yoga | 7:00 - 8:15 pm

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