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Emerging StarSeeds

Cosmically aligned courses to meet YOU wherever you are at – tame your mind, CLEAR your subconscious programming and begin to access your FULL potential.

Fearless, Loved Up and Limitless

THE Ultimate Program for accessing your SuperPowers and living your Divine Human Purpose, FREE from the binds of F.E.A.R. and fully Aligned with LOVE! Learn the tools to live MultiDimensionally in your soul TRUTH and transmute early conditioning that creates fear and struggle of all kinds. A combined physical and energetic toolkit for complete MindBodySpirit Detox and reprogramming so you can CoCreate YOUR personal paradise and ENJOY living it!


Personal Fulfilment Fast Track

Ready for a complete vibrational shift that stops you playing the game of one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the break?

If you are someone who is finding yourself with a pressing decision to make or are just finding that you are going around and around chasing your tail, this month-long intensive is for you.

The Personal Fulfilment Fast Track is designed to get you out of your own way and aligned with the version of you that has already overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing.

Sometimes we just need the support to push through a scary moment. Other times we feel so confused with which direction to go in that we employ ALL our self sabotage techniques at once! There is nothing scarier than change to the part of us we know most commonly as the 'ego' which is in fact, our survival programming.

The Personal Fulfilment Fast Track is a one month intensive that gets straight to the root of the issue rather than focusing on symptoms that keep you distracted from making the key changes necessary, in the order that will allow the best outcomes for all involved.

It is designed to bring overwhelm down to zero so a clear path becomes visible to you, including the key steps you need to take and the order in which to take them.



Divine Navigation Soul Reading & Healing Call

When we seek out guidance there is no higher guidance available than that of your soul expressed through your Highest Self and this is exactly what you get on the Divine Navigation Soul Reading & Navigation call.

Part reading, part healing, part channeling- for when you desire an immediate shift in whatever you are facing.

This is the communication superhighway between your human self and soul self facilitated through me as your channel in a 90 minute 121 that activates your soul frequency within you, brings you clarity regarding your best options available, clears up resistance to your highest path, downloads the healing codes to move you forward in your optimal direction AND gifts you an audio recording of your unique CoCreation meditation Reality Crafting process, so you can break through wherever you feel lost, confused or stuck in your life.

You will also have me check in with you through voice messaging up to one week after the session so you have the support to integrate what comes up.

For those of you wanting change this is your no brainer solution.


Liberation from Limitation

Liberation from Limitation is the course that makes YOU the Master of your Mind. Learn how to tame your mental chatter, LOVE UP self-sabotage and CoCreate your reality consciously with the 6 Steps to Success. This course will reveal how you can ReDesign and UPGRADE any area of your life, from relationships to finances.

Available as a digital only product, or as a guided programme with weekly live Q&A sessions to walk you through the steps of the process.

SuperConscious CoCreating Method

The bespoke 1-2-1 journey for those who wish to become Masters of CoCreating their own reality in alignment with the highest good of ALL. Designed for the 'Game Makers' of the New Earth Paradigm, this 6 step process initiates, integrates and teaches embodiment of Divine Human Consciousness... what is MOST needed in the leaders of the world today. Align FULLY with your soul’s DESIRES and make magic happen.

Conceive with Ease

Conceive with Ease aligns your subconscious mind with your conscious will. The Emotional-Mental Detox Modules clear your subconscious and cellular memory of negative programming, allowing you to nurture your Divine StarSeed consciously, with Grace and Ease. Start from a clean slate and ALIGN with DIVINE timing for your StarSeed baby.


Cosmic CleanUp Crew

7 days worth of guided audio meditations to declutter and "deep clean" your energy field Channel and integrate high frequency vibrations into your energy field. Acknowledge and LOVE UP the things that trigger you.

Rainbow Gems: Instant alignment with your soul path to elevate all your earthly decisions with your Higher Self

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