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Peruvian Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao

Please Note: Price not inclusive of delivery. Please ensure you include your phone number/email address to arrange delivery method and cost.

Guatemalan Ceremonial Grade Cacao fro Keith is NOT available in the shops. You wont find it on the high street. It is available for those who are on a path with mama cacao, the spirit of the cacao plant, for it is said that when the world is out of balance, the cacao deva comes out of the forest to restore balance, and once it is restored, she disappears again.

RozyGlow began as a concept when Rosanna was invited to experience her first cacao ceremony, lead by Keith. This is why it is available on the RozyGlow website as a tool to facilitate deeper multi dimensional states of transformation.

For those of you engaged with Rosanna's RozyGlow online coaching program, preparing some cacao to have before or during the early part of the live call will help you to journey deeper and bypass the usual blocks in your own consciousness. You can play around with your dose and if you wanted to experience the effects of a ceremonial dose when on a ive call, this would work well, but caution to those of you sensitive to caffeine as you may be up very late that night!

You can use the cacao to enhance your experience of any of the digital and coaching programs that RozyGlow offers.

You can find out more about Cacao and it's benefits, as well as how to prepare and use Cacao in this blog!