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A Breakthrough call is a one hour online session with RozyGlow & InJoy Yoga Founder and CEO Rosanna, who specialises in bringing clarity and healing where there is physical and psychological pain. The session brings immediate relief through real time healing AND lets you know what will bring you long lasting relief.

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The Star Salutation Prosperity Practice

Awaken your super conscience through my MultiDimensional coachingbody based practicesEmotional Mental Detox and membership programmes.

My work uniquely moves people out of their pain body, into their bliss body! Prepare to work differently to the ‘traditional’ hard work coaching schedule.

We can all` achieve and receive whatever we desire by claiming our power as conscious CoCreators of our reality. With my intuitive support and your commitment to yourself you will move through blocks and limitations, with immediate results.





If you’re looking to conceive (a baby or new project!) and embody a more heart centered and holistic approach to business with RozyGlow and be guided by love rather than fear. Every step of your journey is covered with me, Rosanna, alongside you.

Conceive With Ease

The connection between creativity, sexuality & fertility is often overlooked in the quest to make a baby. Open your subconscious and release the inner blocks that prevent pregnancy

Liberation from Limitation

 The program that puts you in the driver’s seat of where you are now and where you want to be. 

FearLESS, Empowered & Free 2 B Me

Setting you up with the knowledge, tools and support to make the most of the next stage in your life. A RozyGlow ‘system update’ for your soul, mind, body and overall JOY!

A Message from Founder & CEO, Rosanna Kalliabetsos


Awaken your superconscious with


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Conceive With Ease

With full guidance from Rosanna Kalliabetsos, the Conceive with Ease program prepares you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for the roller coaster journey of fertility, pregnancy and parenthood.

Learn the underlying (usually unknown) causes of fertility problems such as IVF Failure, and Free yourself to conceive naturally and maintain a healthy pregnancy

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The Full Moon Co-Creation Meditation & World Service is now FREE on YouTube

Join Me for my Exclusive RozyGlow Full Moon CoCreation Meditation & World Service, now FREE on YouTube!

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The practice for aligning with prosperity and clearing the blocks physically, emotionally and psychologically that are preventing you from realising your full potential!

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- Star Salutation Yoga Practices to suit everyone, from beginners to advanced Yogis

- Tapping sequence for clearing blocks to Money & Love

- Energy Activation Practice: An Alignment with your Higher Self

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