Ancestral Miracle Magic CoCreation

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Ancestral Miracle Magic CoCreation

A powerful CoCreation for calling in our bloodline and Galactic ANCESTORS to help us to clear old patterns. The original event took place on Samhain / All Hallows Eve. Receive a BONUS CoCreation when you purchase, which will support you to integrate your shifts after completing the Ancestral Miracle Magic CoCreation replay.


Ancestral Miracle Magic

Making this important work accessible to the collective

If you are able to pay full price, you will be gifting a space to someone otherwise unable to afford access. We are also operating a 'pay what you can afford' tariff for this CoCreation. Please see the options below and choose the one that serves you best:

Full price: £66.66
Low income: £44.44
Unwaged/students: £22.22 


Donating to charity

Many who have been affected by ancestral struggles are not currently in a position to do this clearing work for themselves. I will therefore be donating 44% of profits to a refugee community kitchen in Calais, France, and to a homeless charity in Brighton, so that our work supports these individuals to move out of a life of 'survival' and to a position where they can help themselves to thrive.


  • Are you CoCreating or CoDestructing? We CoCreate from our subconscious expectations.
  • NEWSFLASH: Most of what you carry isn't yours! If you are carrying wounds from your bloodline, you may be CoCreating according to limited expectations.
  • It's time to clear this for yourself and for generations to come. 
  • When you purchase the event replay you will also receive a BONUS CoCreation, "Infinite Love Flame Full Body Upgrade", which will support you to integrate your shifts after completing the Ancestral Miracle Magic CoCreation replay.

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