Why You Won’t See This Fertility Expert At Shows And Expos

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Why You Won’t See This Fertility Expert At Shows And Expos...


As a Fertility Specialist you would expect to find me at the fertility shows and all the online summits to do with fertility and fertility success, but I don’t attend them and the question is why?

Well, to be honest, I actually find utility shows and I find expos and I find online summits all a little bit overwhelming.

There is a real sense of desperation that can come from needing to go and find an answer somewhere and the answer is actually inside of you. So, what I do is basically strip away all of the things that might help, that aren't necessarily going to do the job, that rob you of your ability to actually tune into yourself and what you truly need.

This is about listening to the rhythms of your own body, rather than relying on a piece of technology, or some latest science, or some new process that you need to go through, or something outside of you. It’s all about coming back to you.

I love to work with people online because it means I can work with you wherever you are in the world. There’s no limitation in ‘how’. The way that I work works! I have an 87% success rate with my Conceive with Ease program, but I’m not just a fertility specialist...

I’m a Fear Release Specialist, I am a trauma, emotional and mental detox coach, a Reiki Master and a Senior Yoga Teacher – lots of areas of niche expertise and what I do through the programs that I offer is; I set you up so that whenever you come to me whether it’s wanting to have a baby, or wanting to live a more authentic life, I’m preparing you with something that’s going to support you in all areas of your life to have a breakthrough.

 This is about stripping away who you think you are and moving you into your authentic self which, if we have any kind of issue conceiving, I promise you there will be a psychological and emotional component related to it. But once we uncover it, bring it to light, and we love it up, it stops being an issue in your world and stops being an issue in your life.

It’s very important for you to learn how to relax yourself and there are lots of different methods out there, but I offer you what I know works really well to put you in the driver’s seat of your life, and to help you combine your subconscious will within an aligned subconscious program that supports you to have what you want.

 If we have any kind of psychological or emotional trauma early in our lives – and this can be from our time in the womb, through the first seven years of life that heavily influences us and our potential to conceive naturally or with assisted fertility methods. We store trauma in our body and if we never deal with it, it then moves into our energy field.

 Our current allopathic system doesn’t really understand our energy field; it only understands the biomechanics of our physical body, yet there is so much evidence out there with the fact that we have an electromagnetic field around us that is affected by:

  • Our thoughts and intentions
  • Our feelings and emotions
  • The way we perceive the environment

That’s where I get really excited and that’s why I stay away from the hype, to stay away from ‘this will do it’, ‘that will do it’ because it just doesn’t work for me that way. I’m not wanting to make this the biggest focus in your life.

The biggest focus in your life is you being happy and healthy, and feeling as though you’re living an authentic lifestyle in accordance with your true values and your partner’s true values. If we can get you there, then we create an environment that is so welcoming to a baby. Of course we look at physical things that are necessary for you to look at and address in order to maximize your chances of conceiving naturally, to reduce the toxic overloading your body.

We also work with emotional mental detox which is a meditation process that clears your subconscious programming. We work with lining up your subconscious programming with your conscious will, so you are then very clear on how to move forward in your own life where you become your own inner authority, rather than going to all these experts to tell you what to do, so you can get the result that you want.

They may get you pregnant. You might even have a baby at full-term. That doesn’t mean they prepared you to be a parent, a heart-centred parent.

My Conceive With Ease program is designed to help you to be a heart-centred parent to understand the health of your own inner being, the health of your relationship, the health of your support structures around you, is imperative to look at before you actually look at having a baby.

This is why I am not age determining this, because I know that you can be much healthier later in life than you are early in life, if you undertake what is necessary to clear out the erroneous beliefs and to clear out the toxins physically, emotionally and psychologically, that prevent you from having a baby.

So, if this all sounds exciting and you want to know more about my methods, why not book a BreakThrough call!?

This is how we start the process of working on my course because it will determine whether the digital version (self-study option), the group coaching (usually 4-5 people online), or one-to-one coaching, which will allow you to work with your partner just the two of you and me together online, will be most beneficial to you. There is a charge for the call because it is a breakthrough in itself, but what happens is, I take the cost of that call off the group or the one to one coaching option you choose to go with either of those.

So here’s the incentive for you to do something different. Here’s the incentive to stop feeling like you have got to go out there and read every magazine and go to every expo, and listen to every summit out there. That’s just going to fill your head up and confuse you even more than actually bring you to a place of deep inner trust in yourself and your ability to CoCreate that which you want.

Allow yourself to have what you want by aligning with it, so get in touch and let’s get on with that.


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