Aligning with the Divine and leaving struggle behind

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Aligning with the Divine and leaving struggle behind


There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of unprecedented change - certainly in our lifetime! Though it has been a year of severe restrictions, it has also been an opportunity to discover what we truly value and what matters most to us individually and collectively.

I have seen many people struggle to deal with the emotions that have been triggered- fear of the known and the unknown has reigned supreme, judgment, separation, isolation... and the threat of lack in many forms. Pain has been brought to the surface, and we are learning that history repeats itself unless we exercise our internal authority to make other choices.
SO this is YOUR choice point- want to leave struggle behind and learn to live 'Aligned with the Divine'?
This is what RozyGlow is all about and the new year kicks off with a variety of opportunities for you to learn how to THRIVE through uncertain times.
I am relaunching Liberation from Limitation- my conscious mind 6-week program that teaches you the foundations of getting your mind to work FOR you rather than against you, AND there are spaces opening up in my FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME group coaching program, for those who are ready to rewire their subconscious to align fully with their desires.

Which one is for you?

Watch this video and find out...and REMEMBER the offer regarding Liberation for Limitation at LAST YEAR's introductory price EXPIRES on the 1st January- last year's prices will ONLY be valid for the end of 2020 and the NEW YEAR price is STILL a bargain!
Whether you decide to experience Liberation from Limitation or book a Breakthrough call to get on the path to my group or 121 coaching, put 90 minutes of your day aside to watch the video below which will set your 2021 up for SUCCESS and remember that when we get clarity things can FLOW.

Watch now: 2021 Breakthrough Web Class

I get SUPER EXCITED when people come to me wanting change but admit they are scared - it's my job to help YOU get EXCITED as you embrace your fears and love them up!
Sending you LOTS of love and BIG hugs and best wishes for a PHENOMENAL 2021 where we each align with our Personal Paradise and CoCreate Paradise on Earth.

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