Check My Boobs Out! Loving your boobs and the effects of breastfeeding

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Check my Boobs Out! From Balloons to Pancakes... to FullFILLED


The downside of breastfeeding, subconscious fears, words that go deep and the power of 'opinion' to love it all up!

If you have been following my videos you may have noticed my boobs have changed somewhat in size over the past 6 months... Anyone who has had a baby, anyone who has breastfed, anyone who has put on weight or lost weight, will know the curse of the ever-changing boob shape and size. The truth is, things that are said to us early in life, do go much deeper than things that are said to us later on in life and that’s really where this story actually starts. I did have massive boobs when I was a teenager and I put a lot of weight on. After losing some weight, they lost their shape slightly.

I then had a baby quite young and breastfed for 18 months. This definitely left me with pancakes. I remember my Mum saying to me ‘don’t worry darling they come back, they fill out again’. I didn’t think much of it and they stayed like pancakes for a very long time.

It wasn’t until I began a relationship with my partner that I gave my boobs any thought again. What happened? One day I was thinking about this and I had this moment of revelation and thought hold on a minute...I remember getting on the bus when I was age 11. I was really scared I was starting a new school and didn’t know anyone. I went to sit down next to the one girl I did know and she was surrounded by a group of boys that she knew. One of them took one look at me and made the comment to everyone, “Ah she’s so flat the walls are jealous” The truth is, I wasn’t completely flat at that time either, I had a B/C cup perky pair! But I took that deep. I took that message deep and that is what ended up happening, they did end up becoming flat like pancakes. It was more powerful and went deeper than what my Mum said about them coming back. 

The moment I acknowledged that was a belief that I’d held in me, or that I had taken someone else’s opinion as truth, I renounced that belief and they started to grow!!

If you pay attention to early messages that you receive about your body it will reveal a lot about what’s going on there because you hold cellular memory. When you awaken to any beliefs you hold and decide to claim them or to renounce them, things start to shift, cellular memory starts to shift. Be open to the idea that just because you breastfeed, it doesn’t mean your boobs are going to get ruined.

Be whatever you want to be and remember that the words you say after ‘I AM’ are very powerful.  

‘I am enjoying my boobs’‘

I am loving my boobs’‘

I am allowing my boobs to be healthy, full and beautiful.’

You take it from here...

You gotta love your boobs, no matter what type of boobs you have.

Love Rozy xx

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