Want to have a baby, but not feeling completely healthy in yourself?

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Want to have a baby, but not feeling completely healthy in yourself?


Are you really wanting to have a baby but you know you are not particularly healthy yourself?

This isn’t a judgment, it’s really important just to answer that question openly.

Being healthy yourself is the best gift you can give to your baby before you start your conception journey...

There are lots of things we can do to get pregnant including IVF and other assisted fertility methods but essentially, if you are not feeling that well in yourself either, physically, emotionally or psychologically or all three, it’s important for you to prioritize that before you prioritize conceiving a baby.

This is because whatever isn’t well in you is likely to be passed into your baby. Also, if you’re not feeling very well in yourself, then there is also going to be the added fear of how that will impact your baby, both in how they are growing inside your womb and also once they are out in the world.

There is so much you can do, much of it doesn’t cost a lot so if finances are an issue, to support you to get healthier, one thing to understand about health is, it’s not just the physical body it’s also the emotional and psychological impact as well, that will influence the physical body.

Anytime I work with someone who has a physical issue, I know there is a psychological and an emotional component even if that physical issue is the result of an accident. I am a fertility, pregnancy birth, postnatal and baby specialist. I’m also a doula, mental & emotional detox coach and Reiki master. I have many titles as well as being a senior yoga teacher, but what I will say to you is this.

The results will never work in just one aspect, or if you work with just one aspect of your being, there will be limited results. So if you have a psychological issue that is the place to start, but also to remember that working with clearing your subconscious programming, which is really what I go through the emotional and mental detox work that I do, is going to help you to get healthier in all ways, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Yes there are things you can do in your environment to change things, but if you do work with your subconscious, you will maximise the effectiveness of everything you do with your physical being and you will notice that you actually get healthier because the nervous system is so heavily influenced, as is the endocrine system, by perception of the world around us. So is the cardiovascular system, so are all of the systems of the body.

 So anything that you have, you can start to work with minimizing the impact that could have on your future child and if you do start there, you know you are giving your child the best possible start in life. By making sure that you are BOTH healthy first, and I do mean that. It’s not just you as a woman, it is also your partner because 50% of the DNA that grows your baby is coming from your partner.

 So if we’re dealing with freeze dried instant coffee, if we’re drinking too much, if we’re eating processed foods, if we’re lathering ourselves with perfumes and aftershaves and all sorts of toxic things that we put on our bodies and in our homes, it is really important to take that seriously and start to minimize that.

These are some of the things I go into in my 12 module Conceive with Ease program which I offer as a digital program which you can do in your own time and you can share with your partner, or as a group coaching online, or one to one coaching online. So you can work with me where ever you are in the world.

This is a very complex process, with this coaching you get to dig really deep and have a very bespoke experience that will allow you to maximize your chances of conceiving naturally.

The whole concept is that you become a happier and healthier person. I have an 87% success rate with my fertility clients working with them through very complex scenarios. I have worked with women who have had repeat miscarriages, many failed cycles of IVF treatment and many years of trying to conceive.

 Conceive with Ease is a whole mind, body, spirit and heart program that works to prepare you, not just to conceive naturally, not just to conceive with ease, but to also enjoy the whole pregnancy journey, to minimize the fear, stress, and anxiety when it comes to growing a baby when you have spent sp much time seeking to be pregnant in the past.

Take the first step and book a breakthrough call with Rozy Kalliabetsos to gain powerful insights into your fertility blocks and gain actionable next steps to help you prepare for conceiving a baby.


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