November Full Moon in Gemini

Robust Theme

Full Moon in Gemini - World Service Manifesting Meditation


Uniting both sides - from hate to harmony

I AM Divine Mercy

This full moon in Gemini is inviting us to step beyond 'right and wrong' and cultivate the energy of being solution rather than problem-focused.
This is a Lunar eclipse and the intensity it offers IS there to balance and harmonise our soul consciousness with our humanity.
Whilst we have been moving through the murky depths of Scorpio's subconscious, ALL the shadows have been coming up! Now we are ready to transmute anger into passion for change and ignite the HOLY FIRE to keep our FOCUS on the DESIRED OUTCOME rather than the current state of play
The Divine Mother is calling us to soften into compassion and we see just how much corruption and insanity seems to rule the world. Remember that we all get a clip round the ear when we stray from the path we have chosen for ourselves- it's our own inner mother getting us ON POINT.
So with Gemini, we love up the parts of us that want to stay angry and in hate, that want to cause pain and suffering and stay in the judgment of what is good and what is 'bad'. We must LET GO of our attachment to the story of good and evil in order to transcend it.

On the path to liberation and enlightenment, everything is necessary, including the illusion that we are victims and have no choice. 

But for us to truly experience FREEDOM, NOTHING outside of us needs to change.
It IS a choice within, that we then ACT OUT in our reality through our internal shift in vibration.
Will YOU COMMIT FULLY to LOVE winning INSIDE of you?
Will YOU play the part you CHOSE TO PLAY in this cosmic game?
Will you SACRIFICE your ego on the altar of your Higher Self?
Sword of compassion time! Let's CoCreate FULL ALIGNMENT with the Divine.
It IS time now, to rise above the noise, to get off the fence, and accept that parts of us are always divided UNTIL we agree on a common goal.
Are we agreed on CoCreating a Reality where EVERY Living Being can THRIVE?
Where we can TRUST fully those we ELECT to represent us because we TRUST our inner authority?
Are we ALL WILLING to align with POSITIVE change, Transparency, and Accountability?
Let's tune in fully to that radio station and bring love and healing to those who are truly suffering and strength and power to those on the frontline of this wave of POSITIVE change.

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