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Why now is the best time to get FearLESS, Empowered and FREE to be... the authentic powerful YOU


Yes, the world is in chaos...
Yes, there is economic instability
Yes, we are more physically restricted than ever before
Yes, it is scary not knowing what's going to happen next, or what the repercussions are of what's going on now

So, what can we do?

The world around us is a reflection of all that is in conflict within us. What is out of alignment with what we say we want, and the things that we suppress because we don't know how to own them.

We don't like our power taken away, yet the moment we feel fear, we want someone or something to make us feel safe.

This is our conditioning.

Why do we expect Our Governments, Prime Ministers, Presidents and 'authorities' to have the answers, when most of the time we don't believe them anyway? Who made them’ the authority’ on you?

Because we have learned to look outside of us for answers, rather than within. We have learned to value our capacity to think more than our capacity to feel. We have grown up around the modelling of doing as we are told, rather than questioning what doesn't seem right. We have been taught that only what we can 'see' and 'prove' is real, yet we are encouraged to believe in a non-physical entity that each religion tells us how we should stay in favour with.

Looking to the authorities to tell us how to act and what to think is the result of many generations of the abuse of power. This is how the few control the many. None of us alive today have lived through the current instability and confusion and challenges that have occurred as a result of Covid-19. It IS scary, especially when life as we know it is at stake.


The way we have lived for over 10,000 years is through being wired to ‘survive’ rather than ‘thrive’. We now have the science to prove this, and it explains why history does keep repeating itself, both for us as individuals and also as a global community.


We are now awakening from this very long slumber- learning how we can switch from surviving to thriving. But we are not learning this from our systems of power or institutions. They are still operating from the platform of fear-based conditioning that limits us to a survival rather than thriving mindset. We are learning through understanding how we shape our reality through our conditioning, which we inherited and did not consciously choose.


You may have heard of the Law of Attraction and ‘Cosmic Ordering’ or ‘The Secret’.

They teach you that what you focus on grows and how to ‘manifest’ things you want in your life. But, what they don’t teach you is how to deal with the subconscious resistance that IS your programming, hardwired to sabotage any efforts for you to grow beyond what you know.


There is another way.


This is learning to be a Conscious CoCreator of your reality, Clearing up your Resistance to HAVING the experience of life you long for rather than have, and then learning to use the power you have wisely so you are always evolving your desires to be in alignment with The Highest Good of ALL and your best self. Many of the things we THINK we want; we have just been taught to want without questioning them.


At this stage of our evolution, we can no longer afford to give our power away to others. No one, other than you, wants the very best for you and knows what that is.

It’s not ‘one size fits all’ though our authorities try to guide us this way.

What does your inner authority look like right now?
Do you know how to access it, tune into it and follow it?
Have you any idea how to embrace the unfamiliar and unknown territory we find ourselves in and prosper?

The ONLY sane response to this current economic climate is to make it as easy as possible to prosper through change. And also, to take responsibility for what IS within our power. As we do this, the world around us changes.


NOW is the most important time to TRUST yourself to navigate through the unfamiliar territory and actually prosper to end up in a better place than you could imagine.


But you need to access living from your Higher Self to do this.


This is where I come in.


The last two rounds of my ground-breaking program FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME took place as Covid-19 struck and then continued during the ongoing lockdown.

Every one of the participants prospered through this time, when many in the world experienced so much adversity, including loss of loved ones, income, job, and well-being.


Some see this time as ‘Armageddon’, I see it as the Great Awakening where humanity gets to choose through their WILL to ascend into a new way of living and being. We have the opportunity to create a new ‘normal’ FAR more enjoyable and fulfilling than before.




We have to know what we want, both for ourselves and about the world we wish to live in. Then, we need to make the changes within our control to align with what we want - these must be guided by our Higher Self and not our ego programming which is fear driven!

Then, we clear our subconscious resistance to having it- which IS our inherited programming ( YUP- the fearful ego) - you CANNOT think your way through this!

From this point, we start to see things changing in our lives for the better.

How do we maintain these positive changes once they come? This takes guidance and support because the you that has what you want and maintains it, is a different ‘you’ to the being you are now, longing for it.

This process allows the most wonderful shifts to occur in our lives. Always we are mastering one aspect and learning something new, so learning to be accountable, discerning, compassionate and light heated with the process is ESSENTIAL for true and lasting change on the scale you desire it.

I see many people say they have ‘reprogrammed’ their subconscious, and cleared up erroneous beliefs, perhaps through NLP, EFT, tapping, Theta Wave healing, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and other nicely marketed methods. Yet, I don’t see things changing much in their lives! Not in such a way that those BIG blocks they have are no longer present.

Why? Because we cannot see our own blind spots or just be reprogrammed and then know how to live with our new programming.

It's like getting a PC platform upgrade with no instructions on HOW to use it. It has taken me years to really understand how the process works and how to work through resistance when it shows.

But my life IS my example, and the better it gets, the better it gets.

The results I see with my RozyGlow tribe are phenomenal and the breakthroughs from graduates of my programs are CONSISTENT.


You follow the process; you get the results.

So how does this sound to you?


Want to lead your way through un-chartered territory to destination Personal Paradise, or leave it to someone else to determine your fate and future for you?

Want to ‘wait and see’ what the collective who is in deep fear creates FOR you, or take charge and decide what best outcomes you want for yourself?

And when you hit a wall, do you want to know how to navigate around it or keep banging your head as you have done before?


It is like choosing the red pill in the Matrix - discovering where you block your own flow, or just how deep the systems of governance we have in place contribute to our lack rather than wellbeing is uncomfortable at times. Which is why its so important you can work with someone you TRUST to navigate through the craziness and come out on top.


Knowing there is a tribe of awakening souls also sharing the journey with you, allows you to feel you belong, in this NEW, empowered world of yours.


This journey starts with a Breakthrough call.

Then what you are ready for next will be revealed.


Book your breakthrough call with me at: https://www.rozyglow.com/offers/FLbewkC9/checkout

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