Rozy Coloured Magic #1: Daily Yoga from RozyGlow

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Rozy Coloured Magic #1: Daily Yoga from RozyGlow


Welcome to the first Rozy Coloured Co-Creation: A yoga-based practice for anchoring the tools shared in the weekly Rozy Coloured Magic video series

In this first offering on the new moon in Gemini, we focus on the following:

  •  Connecting to our I AM presence and our own higher self
  • Invoking our I AM presence and power as co-creators of our reality as multidimensional beings of Love Light
  • Sending our love light to the heart of our planet Gaia and the Source of all that IS simultaneously
  • Bringing Source Love Light to Gaia through our body and breath, and bringing Gaia's Love Light to Source, through our Sun
  • Blending this energy within us through movement and breath and using it to expand and strengthen our energy field
  • Fortifying our core line, physical boundary and outer most energetic boundary
  • Using Akash mudra to dispel any negativity within us or around us and create the space for change.
  • Invoking the Emerald Green Ray as Sovereign beings of Love Light
  • Invoking the Platinum Ray to protect & seal our Reality Bubble

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