New Moon in Virgo September 2021 - Energy Update ahead of CoCreation

Robust Theme

Seeding positive expectations with the New Moon in Virgo

"I AM The Divine Child"

Watch the full Energy Update over on the RozyGlow YouTube channel.
In order to fully Embody our SuperHuman Consciousness AND learn to unconditionally RECEIVE, it is essential that we BELIEVE that life loves us and wants us to be happy, fulfilled and to THRIVE.
What if our earliest conditioning DIDN'T support this consciousness? This would mean that our expectations would be more aligned with the concept of our 'wounded' inner child, rather than the expectations of our Divine inner child.
A Divine Child consciousness is one where we ask for what we want and KNOW that our request has been heard. If we decide and TRUST this is so, and our subconscious expectations match this, we WILL be given what we want OR something even BETTER.
This New Moon we are Activating Positive Anticipation as our baseline for moving through life.
We must be willing to LET GO of the expectation of problems ahead, of meeting the new with 'dread', of limiting beliefs, behaviours, habits and addictions that keep us stuck in a loop in our physical reality.
We are embracing change with the intention that we can truly TRUST life has our back, that we can choose the easiest, most graceful and joyful path for fulfilling our soul mission and therefore, anything we encounter on the way is a BLESSING (even if it's in disguise!).
Come and connect with your Divine Inner Child and let the magic of CoCreating a New Earth Paradise Reality begin...with the power of our IMAGINATION!
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