Full Moon in Taurus 2020 - World Service Manifesting Meditation

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Taurus Full Blue Moon 2020 - World Service Manifesting Meditation


With this Full Moon in Taurus we are honouring the death of the womb of F.E.A.R.

I have been talking a lot about the wounded masculine.
Remember this- ALL of us have grown in a womb, and that womb surrounds us with either a sense of protection, or of the need to protect oneself- this is dependent on whether the host of the womb, is in trust or in fear. The way a mother perceives the world around her will either trigger 'love' or 'stress' hormones that inform the baby about the world they are going to be born into. 
So if we are wired to survive (so therefore quite motivated by fear!), our own mothers grew us in 'survival' mode, whether she was aware of this or not.

The wounded masculine can only really come from the wounded feminine- however this cycle started...it IS now coming to an END.

In todays world we are under CONSTANT stress- lack of money, time, love, bombarded by messages of fear from our Governments, Institutions, Technology and the Media. Our maternity services, as well meaning as they are, focus on what can go WRONG not what is going RIGHT and how to keep it that way. We STILL dont properly support future generations to conceive, grow babies and birth and nurture them consciously and holisitcally. So the cycles of stress, fear, trauma and struggle keep being passed on, from one generation to the next.
The people ruling the world today, are the descendants of those who grew in the wombs of war, famine, genocide, slavery, abuse, supression AND economic recessions.
Our cellular memory knows 'lack' well.

NEWSFLASH! The time for lack is DONE. The great global reset is NOT going to be a cashless, global, totalitarian state - WE have decided so.

It IS time we upgrade our circuitry from survival mode to THRIVING mode and this is the invitation for the World Service Manifesting Meditation.
This Taurus Blue Full Moon is a 'micro' moon- the opposite of a 'supermoon' which the last New Moon in Libra was. This is our opportunity to step back, take a birds eye view and survey the WHOLE rather than the minute.
We are connecting to the Taurean energy of stability, security and protection, the appreciation of material comfort and we are rewriting the cellular memory of the womb we each grew in- call it a GLOBAL WOMB healing!
What would it have felt like for ALL of us to grow in a womb where we felt super safe, secure, provided for and excited about being born? 
And to be born with love and patience, consciously, without anyone rushing, poking or probing you or your mum?
What if you were held close to the breast from the first moments after birth and kept there till you felt safe to explore the world beyond mum? Every cry attended to, every need met?
 How would that have changed what we expect from the world  around us and our experience of life?
What if there was NO fear trigger, EXCEPT when we truly ARE in REAL danger?

'As we change our view of the world, the world around us changes'.

THIS is what we are CoCreating folks- join me, Friday 30th October 12.30pm BST (7.30am EST) on the RozyGlow YouTube. 
Bring your notebook and pen, grab your cup of ceremonial cacao and favourite crystals and oils to work with, and lets MANIFEST SOME MAGIC together- this IS Divine CoCreation in ACTION!
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THANK YOU for adding your energy to this important world service- we are shifting the energetic vibration of ALL of humanity.
Blessings and LOVE
RozyGlow x

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