The Era of StarPEACE is upon us - and we are READY

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It IS time for StarPEACE. Here's why and how.


Once Upon a time, a long, long time ago…

A planet was created as ‘the only planet of free will’ - a living library for all sentient beings in one Universe to co-exist in harmony with each other, as an example of peaceful co-existence.

Those who had mastered CoCreating through thought and feeling vibrations would come here to develop their gifts by learning how to CoCreate in a dense, PHYSICAL Reality. They would be required to navigate the illusion of time as linear, and density as gravity.

Only here would we have access to the full spectrum of emotion – utter pain to exquisite joy – that being in a physical, ‘chemical’ body can gift us (in contrast to only existing in our Light Bodies).

Once we incarnated, we would immediately forget all we have learned - the lifetimes we spend here would require us to remember (through experiences triggering our Soul memories) the Truth of our existence.

If you like, this is a planet of ‘final exams’ - where souls can speed up their evolution and prepare to reunify with the ocean of love known as Source – having been gifted with awareness of oneself as a droplet in the ocean of love only through separation from Source.

Prior to this ‘experiment’, it was impossible for Infinite Source of all to ‘know’ itself - for UNLESS separation is CoCreated, there is only OmniPresence.

Ever since, we have been on a journey of re-unifying all opposing forces, within us and around us.

So how do we REMEMBER to come back into ONENESS and move towards REUNIFICATION, with the AWARENESS of being an individual, unique, part of the whole (like a droplet of water in an ocean)?

This message is full of activation codes to remind you of who YOU are and why YOUR SOUL chose to come here at this most magnificent time of change.

The crazy thing is- there is no ‘they’- for ‘they’ is the shadow element of ALL That IS, which IS what you and me are, in essence.

As a planet of free will, both light and dark were welcome to co-exist according to three basic agreements:

  1. Be loving, kind and respectful to yourself
  2. Be loving, kind and respectful to each other
  3. Be loving, kind and respectful to the planet and all its inhabitants.

There were those that did not want to respect these agreements and were willing to take advantage of this planet’s ‘free will’ status for their own personal gain (remember ‘those’/’they’ were also aspects of we, us and ‘them’). Hence the fall of Paradise Earth, The Garden of Eden.

All the original bloodlines of this earth, which were CoCreated with StarSeed Consciousness from the most advanced civilisations of consciousness in this Universe, were tampered with.

Our DNA was modified and we forgot our origins and purpose for being here.
An enslavement grid was placed on this earth which we call the F.E.A.R. Matrix.
We have spent hundreds of thousands of years as a prison planet.

This all needed to happen in order for the opposing forces of light and dark, love and anti-love, to recognise that in essence, in their origins, they are all ONE. They, we, carry the battle in our own consciousness - will LOVE or F.E.A.R. win when we are faced with challenge?

This enslavement grid has now been dismantled and the Galactic Federation of Love and Light has sent forth the message that in our UNIVERSE, the Light has WON.

The era of ‘StarWars’ is OVER. It is NOW TIME for StarPeace, because we all know ‘as above, so below’.

A HUGE clean up job is in operation and will take some time to become fully evident, but rest assured, the message IS clear. However things look on a surface level, claim the TRUTH ‘the Light has WON’ and you WILL see evidence of it.

The fastest way to see this is to raise YOUR vibrational frequency. How? Through practising being grateful for things BEFORE they show up in your life, and by welcoming the energy of CELEBRATION into every are of your life - every ‘small’ win, precedes a BIG one!

 Welcome seeing evidence of StarPeace and you will see more evidence of PEACE growing on EARTH.

2022 IS the year where the Divine Matrix is FULLY ACTIVATED.

What does this mean?

Expect to recognise more and more humans activating their Divine Spark and becoming Divine Humans.

The way that we can all transmute the lack consciousness of the ego survival programming we have all had hardwired into us is to HAVE desires – to trust that they are gifts from our Soul to help us awaken to who we truly are.

AND (this is the Super Important part)…

ALWAYS remember to SURRENDER our most cherished desires to the Highest (NOT ‘greater’) GOOD, and to intend the Win Win Win in EVERYTHING.

This is what it means to implicitly TRUST LOVE to WIN.

This is what it means to ‘hand it over’ to a Higher Power.

That Higher Power is the YOU who already HAS what you desire. Remember that things are ALWAYS working out FOR you. And though things might not work out how you expect, when you choose to BELIEVE that things ALWAYS work out BETTER than you expect, they DO.

We ARE CoCreators of OUR REALITY, personal and COLLECTIVE. Letting go of attachment to outcome - the specifics of HOW things work out, will make this whole existence game MUCH more FUN for you and for ALL of us.

Focus on the FEELING of what you Desire already being MANIFESTED, and this is the vibration you send out that will magnetise to you the experience of it.
Remember: SURRENDER attachment to outcome. This means the who, the when and the specifics of the HOW.

Remember, YOU are a Divine Child of Divine Source, and you, we are ALL intrinsically worthy and deserving because we EXIST.

Peace to you. Peace to ALL. StarPeace and Peace on EARTH.

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