What makes the feminine truly inspiring and influential?

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What makes the feminine truly inspiring and influential in positions of leadership?

Inspirational, Influential Women in Leadership…

The shocking truth about the women who are considered most inspirational and charismatic in our world today
We are in the time of the feminine rising.
So we are told.
But what does this mean?

I did a search on ‘most inspirational and charismatic women’ to see what came up.
I have to say, I was quite speechless.
The lens I perceive the world through saw something confusing.

Many of the women cited as most inspirational and charismatic/influential in our world today were deemed so according to an old world definition of success.

I don't want to name names as I don't want to bring down a sister. Even if, in my opinion, this ‘fem powerhouse’ is actually way more masculine than feminine in terms of their principles and approach, I am deliberately focusing on what I believe we need more of in order to have a true masculine and feminine balance within each of us, reflected in the world around us.

Women who have achieved what men have in business, in income, in status.
Women who have reached top positions in multinational corporations, in our financial system, or basically, made LOADS of money, meaning they are as wealthy, if not more wealthy, than men. Please note, that the balance of power presently is governed by money and I am right behind lots more women, having lots more money, equal pay grades etc.
What I am referring to is the status of influence and inspiration that comes from adopting a masculine mindset and drive.

I couldn't help but wonder ‘at what cost’?
There is absolutely no doubt that when it comes to women, there has been a glass ceiling for aeons preventing them from even having the opportunity to show they can achieve success equal and above to any man’s efforts.
Is this though, what is inspirational and influential?

A woman, basically being respected and admired in a man’s world for showing up like…a man?
And I don't mean a healthy, resolved man’s world.
I mean the patriarchal, suppressive, dominating and controlling world that thrives on lack and scarcity and creating suffering for many as the few benefit.
Is this really what we value? I am asking humanity, rather than a specific gender, this question.

No, I do not consider myself a feminist. I am well aware that this very concept and idea was planted in the consciousness of society and primarily women, by…the very men I consider the unresolved and traumatised beings that currently fight for power and dominance in this world.
I also do not consider myself a man hater. I love men. Resolved, emotionally intelligent, heart centred and soul connected men.
They ROCK. And they are certainly NOT the ones that we currently measure women's successes in relation to.
We have been given a false platform to stand on ladies!
What we are taught to strive for is quite frankly unhealthy, unsustainable and not at all in line with our very strengths and power as the feminine.

IF, we were not taught to feel shame for our sexual, sensual and creative power, to disassociate from our womb, our intuition and our capacity to bring creative and compassionate solutions to the most enduring problems in the world, then I know we would be modelling a very different example of charisma, influence and inspiration.

Not enough of us know how vital our relationship to our fertility, our menstrual cycle, our bodies during pregnancy and capacity to birth instinctively rather than through medical intervention, and to nurture our babies naturally and instinctively is, in relation to the future of the world.

For me, when I consider what an inspirational and charismatic woman is, I see a woman who has not sacrificed her fem power to be accepted in a man’s world. A woman who hasn't cut herself off from discernment and compassion, choosing financial success and prestige over integrity and evolving the systems of this world from the archaic relics we currently call ‘pillars of a modern society’ into holistic models of community that are designed to support all levels of society to thrive.
In my world view, inspirational and charismatic women, are not fighting for change- they are embodying it and commanding it, from their wombs and hearts.
They have not sacrificed conscious parenting in favour of ‘having it all’.
They have not needed to freeze time by adopting ‘anti-ageing’ methods that mean they feel they can still be taken seriously because they look younger, therefore sexier (here did THIS conditioning come from?).
They have not bought into the BS around hormones and dealing with later life women's issues that really are the result of unhealthy lifestyles and synthetic hormones introduced early into their lives, potentially even during their own birth.
They do not become figureheads for divisive political, global and financial agendas, that are designed by the very powers keeping us suppressed.

The women I consider charismatic and inspirational REFUSE to bow to the pressure of conforming to old world expectations, be they the media, the entertainment industry, religion, politics, economic, business or whatever.
They are well aware of when they are been manipulated, played or bribed and they are very charismatic in their response to this not on my watch sweetheart.
These women do not fight or fawn or freeze when faced with opposition. They stand tall, own their authority, insight and intuition and speak straight to the root of the issue and the solution.
Yes they get angry, yes they feel frustration and pain…their emotions are real, and self regulated not shut down or suppressed.

These women speak from their hearts, challenge the way things are and inspire into the hearts and minds of those who have the swinging vote, how things CAN be.
These women bring light to, rather than call out, the layers of corruption that must be addressed in all factions of society in order for us to move from duality into oneness.
These women inspire change by upholding the highest principle, not the lowest, and appeal to the hearts of all when demonstrating conflict resolution.
These women are connected to their superpowers, their soul consciousness and Source and do not sweep inconvenient truths under the carpet because they do not fit the agenda or moment,
You do not fuck with an inspiring, charismatic woman- she knows who she is and what is at stake and she will not shut up or back down. She will hold you accountable and model transparency, integrity, compassion, forgiveness AND discernment.

She will look you in the eye and see your soul.
She does not hate the masculine, she does not consider herself subservient so the issue of equality is not something she fights for…she demands it, just through her very presence.
She changes systems from the inside…she doesn't come in and become part of the system that requires evolution..
She empowers all through her presence and consciously makes the choice not to perpetuate the trauma of the past through her own procreating and behaviour.

Examples of these women? Many for me are in the entertainment industry. Some are not very public in their work…YET.

Here are a few who truly inspire me:

Firstly, me. Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness Yes I’m owning it. I AM Badass. It's not that I don't feel fear, insecurity, or unworthiness…it’s that I don't let it stop me from showing up and levelling up every way that I feel inspired to. Founder of the StarPeace Movement and one of the ‘Top 12 Inspirational Women to look out for in 2022’ according to NY Weekly Times www.starpeaceconsciousness.com

Dawn Butler British MP - suspended from Govt for calling PM a liar. Also big voice regarding institutional racism in government dawnbutler.org.uk 

Sarah Jessica Parker - refusing to bow to the pressures of Hollywood - hair, skin and nudity 

Dame Helen Mirren - growing ‘old’ disgracefully…what a FOX  helenmirren.com

Marianne Williamson - a shining example of the Divine Fem and announcing only a few days ago that she is running for president in the US 2024.  marianne.com/

Julie Gerland - Birthing the New World Into Being author, visionary & challenging the UN for their pure short sightedness and refusal to look at the roots of dis-ease, never mind the conflict and corruption in our world.  juliegerland.com

Dr Francoise Freedman - Dr of medical anthropology at Cambridge University-bringing indigenous pregnancy & birth practices from the Amazon to the west and into maternity services and public arena- my mentor for many years.  birthlight.com

Anne Baring - Divine Feminine Pioneer- Oxford graduate historian who has spent her life’s work redefining history, exposing herstory and expanding our understanding of the divine annebaring.com

Vandana Shiva - exposing the lies of the NWO and their globalist agenda dressed up as ‘climate change’ and ‘for our safety’... navdanyainternational.org

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - lawyer holding the wounded masculine systems and individuals (regardless of their gender) accountable, particularly in the field of govt, corporations and ‘health care’- watch this woman argue a case…PHENOMENAL- check her out on YouTube and search ‘court case’  ocasio-cortez.house.gov

Ingrid Arna founder of the Women’s Institute of Wealth…challenging the paradigm of women feeling undeserving and unworthy of wealth and power for sharing their gifts in this world. One of my coaches… ingridarna.com

Yoko Ono - Never one for conforming, and truly flying the peace flag in the most innovative and artistic ways possible, throughout her life, despite this costing her the love of her life imaginepeace.com

Camila Alves McConaughey - founder of Women of Today, and co-founder of Just Keep Living, wife of Matthew McConaughey, my main reason for picking her is the astounding job her and Mr M did when the Texas school shooting took place in his home town of Uvalde. When a power couple are able to meet tragedy and truly affect change - what a miracle - read about it here 

Who are yours? Please share in the comments, along with links to connect with them- let's get these super inspiring fem powerhouse women SEEN, HEARD and SHINING their light even brighter in this world.

I LOVE you SiStars…SHINE bright today and every day. Yes you are worthy and deserving of ALL that you long for xxx

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