Why I have an 87% Success Rate with my Fertility Clients

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Why I Have an 87% Success Rate with my Fertility Clients!


IVF statistics are pretty darn low in terms of 'success' i.e. a full term pregnancy leading to a live birth and healthy mum and baby...

That's how I measure success in fertility.

This video explains what I consider when working with my fertility clients and how this differs from what people normally expect they need to do if they are having trouble conceiving.

It always astounds me when I hear potential clients wondering if they should come to me first and spend a fraction on what they'd spend on IVF, or go straight to the clinics, when they can only MAXIMISE the chances of conceiving naturally, by working with me. Of course, IF truly needed in the end, IVF remains an option, although the last I heard for 3 rounds of egg collection and freezing is around £16,000, plus it can cause mental and physical stress.

My natural conception method is non-invasive and prepares you for a healthy pregnancy and happy parenthood, rather than just offering you a small chance of success on one part of the whole journey. I KNOW my Conceive with Ease program works as I work with complex fertility cases as well as those with 'no known cause'...

I don't freak out about age as I know our physical health and ability to procreate is MASSIVELY related to and responsive to well being happiness and stress management.

Feeling ready to say YES to YOUR Success in fertility?

Let's do this!

It all starts with a Breakthrough call and I AM offering 1/3 OFF Breakthrough calls booked this week.

You will then receive your email from rozyglow.com – (please check your spam and promotions inbox), with a payment invoice and link to some questions to answer (answer the questions relating to 'Conceive a baby').

Once you have done this, just reply to the email and your time slot will be confirmed :-)

One more thing...I ask a lot of questions and I won't BS you...where I can see the potential blocks to your personal fertility journey, I will share with you honestly.

What YOU do with that information will determine the next steps...

So the call in itself will give you a GIANT step forward on your journey to parenthood.

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