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Breakthrough Call


Breakthrough Calls

Your one-hour Breakthrough Call with a RozyGlow coach is the starting point of YOUR bespoke RozyGlow story. The session WILL bring immediate relief through real-time healing AND lets you know what will bring you long-lasting relief.

The price of your Breakthrough Call is deducted from the total cost of your purchase when you sign up to work with us.

Turning point in my life

Booking the Breakthrough Call was a huge turning point in my life. Talking with Rozy opened me up to all the subconscious things blocking me from achieving what I knew I was able to. Continued work has improved my life in a number of different areas!

Breakthrough Client

The perfect time to change my life

My breakthrough call pointed out, that now is the perfect time to change my life! and even though I was scared to invest in myself - I found the money to go for the programme. I have made so much progress on my journey to become fearless, like being productive and happy again.


Trust the process

If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for someone you truly care about because until you are your best self you are not giving them the version of you they deserve. After the course, money will come flowing in so no need to worry. I know it’s scary but you will learn to trust in the process. Everybody around you will benefit from it.

Sophie Paradis

More committed than ever

I actually feel like the investment in this was so representative of investing in myself and I’m more committed than ever which is ultimately affecting how I feel. I don’t feel like there is any going back where as before all the half arsed stuff felt less permanent and very temporary like a plaster, kept my head above water but that was all.


Augustine has experienced so many economic and soul purpose-led breakthroughs since graduating from FearLESS and it all started with a breakthrough call!!

"No matter where you’re at, Rozy can accommodate your needs as she is very good at helping you feel secured!"

Breakthrough Call

These are just a few of the outcomes of a breakthrough call

  • Gain clarity on the exact things you really want
  • Prioritise to get the results that you want⁠
  • Discover your personal truth, what you feel you are worthy of and your key stories⁠
  • Relax in the comfort of knowing you are not on your own – with zero judgement⁠
  • See EXACTLY what needs to change and get ideas of how to change it⁠
  • Feel heard and learn how to hear your higher self⁠
  • Uncover your blind spots where you are holding yourself back, empowering you to progress where there was trouble previously⁠
  • Understand how certain issues in your life relate to each other and find where the causal aspect is for optimal results⁠
  • Become accountable for yourself. Establish what needs to change, then it’s up to you what you do with it, say yes to your own success with the plan of action⁠
  • Learn how to release the fear of change and actually breaking through⁠
I'm ready for a breakthrough

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