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The Bespoke Fertility program designed to support you from pre-conception all the way through to birth


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Become the parent you know you can be

Do you want to have a baby but are finding it difficult to get pregnant?

Maybe you have some reservations about becoming a mother but have health conditions and/or limiting beliefs that you don't want to pass down to your child. Perhaps, despite knowing your parents did their best, you had a rough start in life and don't want to create the same conditions for your little one.

What if there was a way to remove any fears you have around being a parent?

What if there was a way to reprogram your psyche and detoxify yourself of negative thoughts around becoming a parent?

What if you could improve your mental and physical capacity  to conceive a healthy, happy baby? 

All of this is entirely possible.

You can Conceive With Ease.


Conceive With Ease

Over 12 weeks, you become completely safe and at ease in your body as you prepare your outer and inner world for your baby. Learn how to detoxify your cellular memory and reprogram any hidden subconscious beliefs that have been affecting your fertility.

Conceive with Ease maximizes your chances of conception without invasive procedures and helps you to create a healthy, happy environment to welcome your baby.


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Lay the foundations to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

The Conceive With Ease programme combines Emotional & Mental Detoxification through live coaching, video, audio and worksheets to work on your subconscious expectations and daily yoga-based practice to bring your body into vibrational alignment.

Conceive With Ease aligns your sub conscious mind with your conscious will. The Emotional Mental Detox Modules clear and re-program your sub conscious beliefs and cellular memory of negative programming through weekly audio meditations, in the 6 key areas of errant core beliefs we all share as humans.

Conceive With Ease addresses the underlying (usually unknown) causes of fertility problems, reprograms any subconscious beliefs that effect fertility, and detoxifies your cellular memory. The transformation leaves you feeling free and safe in your body, creating an emotionally and energetically peaceful space for your baby to develop.

This program is for those who have:
• Been trying to conceive for 3+ months
• Been following mainstream advice but still not falling pregnant
• Struggled to carry their babies to full-term
• Been considering IVF or using ovulation monitors

"I was recommended Rozy by my nutritionist after I was trying to conceive my second child following a pregnancy loss. Rozy is warm and was so understanding of my journey. She instantly made me feel safe and secure in her space where I was able to work through the pain of losing a much wanted pregnancy. We began working on ways to prepare my body both physically and emotionally to try to conceive again. I conceived another 3 times in under a year and sadly lost them all... My sessions with Rozy become a huge source of strength, light and positivity to keep moving forward. It was then I decided to embark on the Conceive with Ease programme. I was drawn to it as a way of committing to daily meditation, yoga practices and also to clear my cells of anything I no longer needed, giving my DNA the opportunity to express itself differently in preparation for my next conception…. The transformation was profound.... I had a greater ability to stay positive, it gave me a new energy and shifted my focus of trying to desperately "get pregnant" to believing and trusting all was happening in perfect timing. Then finally, I conceived again and I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with a chromosomally healthy baby I just can't wait to meet!"

Former Conceive with Ease Client

"Just to say thank you for your support on Wednesday eve with my soul family, it really helped to give me the strength for Friday. And it turns out I was fearing the fear …The doc called me in the afternoon to say my ovarian reserve has actually gone up from 2.7 to 5.4 the (normal level is about 11-14) I just can't believe it… The doc said with my positive attitude I should definitely have another go if I feel emotionally & financially ready to do so, as this is just as important as the quality of my egg"

Group Coaching Client

Course Content

Here's how the course is laid out across 12 weeks

  • Beginning a dialogue with your body- reducing stress and tension
  • Setting the right intention for you…how to word it so you can accept it
  • Recognising areas of resistance/blocks & how to transform them
  • Getting into the space - how does if feel to be pregnant and knowing my baby is healthy? What sensations do you feel? Where do you feel this in your body?
  • Intention setting practices to keep your vibration high from morning to night
  • Yoga based video content for moving around in daily life in preparation for pregnancy

The Emotional Mental Detox will help you eliminate six core layers of obsolete subconscious programming and the resulting emotional pain that has built up inside you as a result. These layers include:

  • Male Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of men and male energy
  • Female Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of women and feminine energy
  • Fear – Anxiety, worry, terror, panic
  • Pain – Sadness, grief, loss
  • Guilt – Judgment, blame, shame
  • Lack – Limitation, scarcity, separation
  • Moon diary for cycle, phases of moon & emotions
  • Making friends with your womb
  • Reducing PMT & self nurture practices for your moontime
  • Breathing practices to balance nervous system and practical tips for regulating your cycle
  • What type of exercise/yoga and when in your cycle
  • Yoga practices suitable for your moontime
  • When to push it and when to rest sleeping & moon phases
  • Clearing womb toxicity (trauma from the past)
  • Moon time
  • Ovulation 
  • Reproductive health & supporting conception/implantation
  • Releasing stress & challenging emotions
  • Yoga for better sleep
  • Mudras for healthy conception
  • Preparing to meditate/relax
  • Restorative yoga & using yoga props
  • How do you cope with pain? Treating symptoms & causes holistically
  • Creating a plan for dealing with your pain triggers
  • Oxytocin vs adrenaline & how to switch
  • Vitality E-book: small changes that make a big difference
  • Eradicating toxins in your body & home that affect fertility & health
  • Fertility nutrition for every budget
  • Women & Fertility nutrition
  • Men and Fertility nutrition: Increasing free testosterone for men
  • Which supplements truly boost your fertility
  • Practices and exercises for aligning your lifestyle with your intention
  • Preparing the nest - Clearing the home of stressful energy
  • Making space for a baby in your lives - how do you relax?
  • Planning support networks
  • Public health & conscious holistic parenting How do you feel about….?
  • Meet your baby guided audio visualisation 
  • Partner yoga practices
  • Partner Breathing practices
  • Partner Massage 
  • Discovering hidden erogenous zones
  • Increasing libido, sexual pleasure & intimacy
  • Conscious conception
  • Discovering your baby's 'song'

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