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Want to have a baby but finding it difficult to get pregnant?

Maybe you have some reservations about becoming a mother but have health conditions and/or limiting beliefs that you don't want to pass down to your child...

Perhaps, despite knowing your parents did their best, you had a rough start in life and don't want to create the same conditions for your little one...

What if there was a way to remove any fears you have around being a parent?

What if there was a way to reprogram your psyche and detoxify yourself of negative thoughts around becoming a parent?

What if you could improve your mental and physical capacity  to conceive a healthy, happy baby? 

All of this is entirely possible.

You Can Conceive With Ease

Lay The Foundations for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Over 12 weeks, you will become completely safe and at ease in your body as you prepare your outer and inner world for your baby. Learn how to detoxify your cellular memory and reprogram any hidden subconscious beliefs that have been affecting your fertility. Conceive with Ease maximizes your chances of conception without invasive procedures and helps you to create a healthy, happy environment to welcome your baby.

The Conceive With Ease programme combines Emotional & Mental Detoxification through live coaching, video, audio and worksheets to work on your subconscious expectations and daily yoga-based practice to bring your body into vibrational alignment.

Conceive With Ease aligns your sub conscious mind with your conscious will. The Emotional Mental Detox Modules clear and re-program your sub conscious beliefs and cellular memory of negative programming through weekly audio meditations, in the 6 key areas of errant core beliefs we all share as humans.

Conceive With Ease addresses the underlying (usually unknown) causes of fertility problems, reprograms any subconscious beliefs that effect fertility, and detoxifies your cellular memory. The transformation leaves you feeling free and safe in your body, creating an emotionally and energetically peaceful space for your baby to develop.

This program is for those who have:
• Been trying to conceive for 3+ months
• Been following mainstream advice but still not falling pregnant
• Struggled to carry their babies to full-term
• Been considering IVF or using ovulation monitors

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Bee's Conceive With Ease Story:

Bee felt that the Conceive with Ease modules really helped her to own her power and move out of being dictated to and put in so much pain, to being back in control and not being bullied by others. 

Hey All, 

I just wanted to share my story of how my roller coaster of the past changed into such a beautiful story of the present day. 

The last 10 years have been filled with a lot of heartache and emotional distress for my husband and I. We firstly lost our little angel very late in pregnancy. I had to then undergo many unpleasant tests, where they thought there maybe a possibility of a cervical weakness. We were unable to conceive easily and again underwent further tests. I decided to take matters into my own hands and committed to Rozy’s conceive with ease program and this has been useful even after conceiving. I unfortunately lost further pregnancies due uterine haematomas and other causes. I still persisted and eventually I was able to fall pregnant and carry through until the 9months. It seems though that luck was not on my side as the pregnancies needed a lot of medical intervention, surgery to put suture in and the traumatic procedure involved in removing the suture without anaesthetia! Antibiotics! I also had ovarian cysts which were twisting my ovaries, but the only thing the hospital could do was to give me Morphine!  

Once again Rozy came to my rescue, with some reiki and powerful advice. My cysts were going down, my fear of vaginal delivery after being poked and prodded so vigorously after the suture removal was easing and I had began to accept that the miscarriages I had were because my beautiful little ones inside of me were meant to receive my love for only a short time and they were then going upto join the other little angels. I was fortunate that I had the time I did carrying them💜 

After having 2 beautiful boys, I was finally able to close all doors to gynaecology altogether!!! Yet that is what I thought, until early this year when my second little one turned 1 and I found out much to my surprise I was pregnant again!!! It was a miracle, we had not even being trying, this tells you it’s all in the mind. When you want something so bad, it never comes easily but when you are relaxed and least expect it, miracles can really happen. This was a beautiful gift to be pregnant again, but I was feeling so scared and nervous about going through this horrible journey once again. I was just fed up of being poked and prodded by doctors for so many years, my body just felt like it couldn’t be violated no more. The first few weeks I felt so guilty about feeling this way. I then decided, that this time round I’m going to do things my way.  

I decided that I would not have the suture put in and instead do acupuncture. I was happy to be monitored by doctors but no internal scans just minimal amounts of external ultrasound scans. Initially the consultants were not happy with my decisions but they did respect my reasons behind it. I am now over 5 months pregnant and this has been such a positive experience. I am finally in control of my body and my baby. I am feeling so blessed, I can’t wait to meet my little baby in September❤️ 

I am sharing this experience with all women out there who are going through similar experiences. Listen to your own body, you will know what is right and wrong for you. Your time will come, be patient and don’t be dictated by the world of hospitals and consultants. Be positive and accept everything good and bad that comes your way, we are all strong confident women, we just forget it at times.  

Lots of Love 

B Xx 

Read more testimonials from my many happy clients below!

Here's what I want you to know before you invest in the Conceive With Ease programme...

This programme will assist you in clearing family trauma that may have been passed from one generation to the next. This could be present through genetic mutations and also through family behaviour patterns and beliefs that deep down you don't want to pass on to your own children.

Going through the program will prepare you in each are of your life to balance and harmonise your physical, emotional & psychological needs so that you can confidently prepare for and meet the needs of a new life. 

We are destined to recreate the patterns and behaviours of the past, until we make a conscious choice and align our sub conscious expectation and programming with it.

The CWE programme gives you the tools to do just that - align your subconscious with your conscious will. 

Not only will you maximise your chances of natural conception or successful fertility treatment, you will also feel happier, more confident in yourself, healthy, vibrant, at peace within your own mind and emotions and also closer to your partner and those you love.

Expect to reduce stress levels, discover a variety of relaxation tools and find which ones work best for you. You will also learn how to calm an obsessive mind and re frame situations you encounter so that feeling empowered, confident in yourself, and receptive to the support of life becomes your new 'normal'.

Please note that this course is NOT a substitute for psychiatric and/or medical treatment and it cases of severe trauma or history of abuse it is imperative that the Conceive With Ease programme is done alongside an not instead of therapy/counselling and/or other prescribed treatment program.

Support for every step of your journey

When you invest in either 1-2-1  or group coaching, this holistic programme is designed to make sure you know exactly what to do and when, depending on your own unique circumstances. 

With my 15 years of expertise as a specialist fertility & pregnancy yoga teacher, teacher trainer, doula and Emotional & Mental Detox coach, you can be confident that you are in safe hands.

If you are serious about wanting to clear out the feelings, emotions and habits which no longer serve you and make way for the soul that wants to make its way to you, I invite you to prioritise your health and happiness today.

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Client Testimonial Reel

Check out what some of my previous clients have to say about their journey with conceive with ease

"I was recommended Rozy by my nutritionist after I was trying to conceive my second child following a pregnancy loss. Rozy is warm and was so understanding of my journey. She instantly made me feel safe and secure in her space where I was able to work through the pain of losing a much wanted pregnancy. We began working on ways to prepare my body both physically and emotionally to try to conceive again. I conceived another 3 times in under a year and sadly lost them all... My sessions with Rozy become a huge source of strength, light and positivity to keep moving forward. It was then I decided to embark on the Conceive with Ease programme. I was drawn to it as a way of committing to daily meditation, yoga practices and also to clear my cells of anything I no longer needed, giving my DNA the opportunity to express itself differently in preparation for my next conception…. The transformation was profound.... I had a greater ability to stay positive, it gave me a new energy and shifted my focus of trying to desperately "get pregnant" to believing and trusting all was happening in perfect timing. Then finally, I conceived again and I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with a chromosomally healthy baby I just can't wait to meet!"

Former Conceive with Ease Client

"Just to say thank you for your support on Wednesday eve with my soul family, it really helped to give me the strength for Friday. And it turns out I was fearing the fear …The doc called me in the afternoon to say my ovarian reserve has actually gone up from 2.7 to 5.4 the (normal level is about 11-14) I just can't believe it… The doc said with my positive attitude I should definitely have another go if I feel emotionally & financially ready to do so, as this is just as important as the quality of my egg"

Former Conceive With Ease Client

"I have wanted a baby for thirteen years. I have been actively trying with my partner for three years and despite numerous investigations and three rounds of IVF, our miracle has not yet happened. It has been extremely difficult. Rozy has been speaking to me for some time about her CWE and EMD programmes and until recently I didn’t feel I had the mental capacity or the time to do them with all I was dealing with. I listened to a few of the meditations, but they didn’t seem to resonate, and I kept falling asleep.

Recently Rozy offered to tailor the programme to fit in with the time and energy I had and to take me through each module via Zoom. I was happy to try it, as nothing else had worked for me, and it has been nothing short of life changing. Through talking and meditation I have had a number of revelations concerning situations in my past and present, which have made me look at life in a very different and much more positive and healthy way.

Rozy resets me when I’m worries. She helps me make calm decisions. She has given me tools I can use whenever I feel challenged. She has made me believe my baby is coming and soon. Rozy was born to do this. Her incredible intuition, wisdom and gentle nature make you feel that everything is going to be ok and I feel calmer and more positive than I have done in a long time. I am ready for my baby to come"

Current Conceive With Ease Client

"Hope you are keeping well in these strange times. I wanted to let you know that I am expecting a little Boy on the 8th October!! 13.5 weeks in. I was a bit worried about telling people as I presumed it wouldn’t last but baba is looking healthy and strong and I am finally accepting it is true having passed 12 weeks. I just wanted to thank you for all the work we started , almost a years ago now! I will never forget how kind and helpful you were to me. I still can’t quite believe it. Take care of yourself. Sending love ❤️❤️💙💙"

Conceive With Ease Client

Course Content

Here's how the course is laid out across 12 weeks

  • Beginning a dialogue with your body- reducing stress and tension
  • Setting the right intention for you…how to word it so you can accept it
  • Recognising areas of resistance/blocks & how to transform them
  • Getting into the space - how does if feel to be pregnant and knowing my baby is healthy? What sensations do you feel? Where do you feel this in your body?
  • Intention setting practices to keep your vibration high from morning to night
  • Yoga based video content for moving around in daily life in preparation for pregnancy
  • Moon diary for cycle, phases of moon & emotions
  • Making friends with your womb
  • Reducing PMT & self nurture practices for your moontime
  • Breathing practices to balance nervous system and practical tips for regulating your cycle
  • What type of exercise/yoga and when in your cycle
  • Yoga practices suitable for your moontime
  • When to push it and when to rest sleeping & moon phases
  • Clearing womb toxicity (trauma from the past)
  • Moon time
  • Ovulation 
  • Reproductive health & supporting conception/implantation
  • Releasing stress & challenging emotions
  • Yoga for better sleep
  • Mudras for healthy conception
  • Preparing to meditate/relax
  • Restorative yoga & using yoga props
  • How do you cope with pain? Treating symptoms & causes holistically
  • Creating a plan for dealing with your pain triggers
  • Oxytocin vs adrenaline & how to switch
  • Vitality E-book: small changes that make a big difference
  • Eradicating toxins in your body & home that affect fertility & health
  • Fertility nutrition for every budget
  • Women & Fertility nutrition
  • Men and Fertility nutrition: Increasing free testosterone for men
  • Which supplements truly boost your fertility
  • Meet your baby guided audio visualisation 
  • Partner yoga practices
  • Partner Breathing practices
  • Partner Massage 
  • Discovering hidden erogenous zones
  • Increasing libido, sexual pleasure & intimacy
  • Conscious conception
  • Discovering your baby's 'song'

The Emotional Mental Detox will help you eliminate six core layers of obsolete subconscious programming and the resulting emotional pain that has built up inside you as a result. These layers include:

  • Male Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of men and male energy...letting go of negative associations with the masculine, whether this is patriachy, the grandfather, father, brother or son. Any history of unloving connections with the masculine is cleared, supporting feelings of certainty, safety and trust. Becoming a mother involves a deep surrender within, which brings up feelings of vulnerability. This detox empowers us to make our needs known. Invasive procedures can leave their mark as can any history of perceived disrespect from the males in our lives or systems of oppression that go back in history regarding the perception of women. This detox begins the journey of a healthy relationship with the masculine.
  • Female Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of women and feminine energy. When we have any negative association with 'the mother' with nurturing, with our sexuality and also our creativity, this affects our perception of what it means to 'nurture' life. All gynecological issues have some emotional root- the 'attack' on the feminine aspects of our nature needs forgiving in order for us to feel safe to grow life. Often we have been taught to feel very disconnected from our womb power. This detox awakens a healthy relationship with the feminine.
  • Fear – Anxiety, worry, terror, panic. Many of us have no idea how much fear runs our lives. This manifests as a constant analysis of potential problems in the future, endless lists of things to worry about and a constant need to 'do' in order to avoid uncomfortable thought and feelings. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages through our communication and media channels that trigger a fight/flight response in the body. Over time this leads to adrenal exhaustion and this can manifest as a yoyo experience between anxiety and depression. Most of our addictions exist to mask hidden fears. Subconsciously we just do not feel safe to grow life and so this detox is essential for changing our perception of the world around us. As a result our nervous system can regulate and focus on 'rest, repair. feed and breed' rather than survival.
  • Pain – Sadness, grief, loss. Whether we have experienced the loss of a loved one, we have never fully grieved over, or had to make the heart breaking decision to terminate a previous pregnancy, or heal from a miscarriage, or loss of a child, this detox allows a full release of all physical, emotional and psychological pain. It is essential we make peace with past trauma, as what does not get healed gets passed on, from one generation to the next. When there are issues with getting or staying pregnant, or there is a known history of trauma, it is always advisable to heal the pain body so the past can be forgiven and no longer influence the present or future.
  • Guilt – Judgment, blame, shame. These emotions represent the original 'mother' wound- the womb is a deep dark space where all life is created. When we poison ourselves with guilt, blame and shame, we literally make our body toxic. Self attack or an attack on those around us or the world at large, is not conducive to life. Would you want to grow in your own womb? What emotions persist within you as your daily narrative about you and the world? This detox teaches self acceptance and promotes self esteem. This begins a positive dialogue between body and mind and heart..just what is needed to make a womb 'baby friendly'.
  • Lack – Limitation, scarcity, separation. Do you feel you are enough? Do you have enough? Love, money, intimacy, trust, security? We live in a world where we have been taught there is only a limited supply of whatever we want. Whether this is a low egg reserve, low sperm count, or low bank all amounts to lack consciousness putting us into a state where we feel powerless to access what we need. This meditation connects us to our capacity to be prosperous & abundant in all ways. It creates a vibrationary shift that activates a whole new perception of our power as human beings to CREATE what we desire without struggle.
  • Practices and exercises for aligning your lifestyle with your intention
  • Preparing the nest - Clearing the home of stressful energy
  • Making space for a baby in your lives - how do you relax?
  • Planning support networks
  • Public health & conscious holistic parenting How do you feel about….?

This programme is your chance to  clear out the old and make way for your new baby!

I guarantee you won't find another programme like this and I know the huge  benefits you will gain from it. You've read about the results from the amazing women who have gone through the programme. You know the difference it has made to their lives. The investment you make will more than pay for itself.  You don't need me to tell you that time stands still for no woman. I don't want you to sit on the fence about a such a huge decision. I want to help you to say yes to yourself and your soul child. Today...

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose to invest in the self-study digital program, expect to spend between 2.5- 3.5 hrs a week going through the course content,This includes any suggestions for daily practices offered.

If you are embarking on the group or individual coaching program, 4-5 hrs a week includes the weekly live coaching time.


Everything you’ll learn during the programme will support you through early pregnancy and the whole of your  journey. You can continue with the modules whilst pregnant and they will only serve to support your journey through your pregnancy and beyond.

Expect some extra bonus video content to support you through each trimester as a small thank you and celebration!

Everybody doing the programme will need a computer with audio output and an internet connection.

You will also be required to purchase Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (look for those sold ‘with the mother’) and its helpful to buy a 5 litre bottle so you have plenty to see you through. This is for the detox baths recommended throughout the programme.

If you don’t have a bath you can do foot baths, but will need to use the same amount of vinegar. Amazon does very good deals on various brands including this one.

You will also benefit from having a yoga mat and cushions for the yoga practices, and a yoga bolster is very helpful if you have one. Rolling up a couple of blankets and trying together is another solution.

For those doing the weekly live coaching, you will also need a headset and to be plugged into your router if at all possible during the live video calls.

Other suggestions for life changing products are suggested where relevant, and we have done our best to offer solutions for every budget.

There are many practices that are recommended that you do together with your partner in various modules of the programme.

It is imperative that the EM Detox modules are not done together as you each have to consciously choose to go through this process. If your partner decides they want to do the detox too, then they can embark on them AFTER you have been through each of them so that you both have the time and space to process your own detox without triggering each other.

The 121 coaching programme offers the option of your partner being included in each of the life coaching calls you would like them to be involved in. 

If you complete the program and truly do not feel you have benefited in any way, I am happy to offer a refund subject to the conditions outlined below being met.

You enter into an energetic exchange with the content you receive and your own multi-dimensional self as soon as you commit to the program. Going through the whole process, not engaging fully with the tools and allowing doubt to rob you of your whole-hearted participation, will keep you locked in the mindset that prevents you from breaking free from your conditioning.

Making a commitment to the programme means making a commitment to yourself. You cant help but see positive results once you do that!


A Final Word from Kirsty and Little Eliza

I am eternally grateful to Rozy for all the support she gave to me through my precious journey from the early stages of IVF to the miracle moment Eliza was born naturally with just gas and air as intervention. 

At the age of 42 and just one month away from my 43rd birthday I fulfilled my dream of becoming a mummy after 7 years of trying and Eliza was my 6th IVF cycle. 

I was just starting my IVF treatment when I contacted Rozy. She was just wonderful from the first moment I spoke to her. Her warmth and experience I knew was just the reassurance and support I needed and she made time for me to do a one to one just the week after having my embryo transfer. 

On my previous cycle I had a roller coaster ride as I discovered through an immunity blood test that my killer blood levels were raised, this meant my immune system was being too efficient and rejecting any foreign bodies in my system. So I was put on steroids and had a drip every month for a period of time which had a liquid based fluid that meant my immune system would eat away at that rather than reject a pregnancy. I seemed to pass through a number of tests to say my pregnancy was going well. There were a few hints on the way that there may have been problems however it was not until my 21st week of pregnancy that I realised baby had a chromosome issue and it turned out to be Edward's syndrome so the baby was not going to be compatible to survive for long. I therefore had the tough journey of going through termination at 22 weeks which meant I experienced child birth.

The positive I took away was that I had stayed pregnant and my body had connected in beginning to understand what to do.

It was wonderful to begin to join other nervous mothers who individually had their worries and concerns and fears as their bodies were experiencing various aches and pains and challenges. It was reassuring to know all mummies go through mental and physical changes. 

Every week the session would begin with sharing our feelings and findings from the week and Rozy was amazing as she was always a voice of reason and reassurance and her wealth of knowledge and experience was outstanding. Every week she knew how to guide us all and I never wanted to miss my session as I would come out feeling rested and rejuvenated ready to face the world and the next week and stage. I enjoyed being part of the sisterhood of pregnancy. Rozy always taught us to have our own voice and to follow our gut feelings and listen to our bodies which did not always need artificial treatments. 

At 40 weeks I was booked in for induction and a sweep as I was under careful watch due to my age and history. However even at the point I had learnt from Rozy to listen to my body and not just opt for interventions. 

(My husband) Michael was able to be Rozy's voice and I trusted him knowing he had listened to her advice and learnt so much knowledge from her. 

I woke up the next morning just over joyed to be a mummy and be able to hold my beautiful miracle daughter and be with my wonderful husband. 

I cannot thank Rozy enough for being such a major part of my special journey to motherhood. I feel so blessed and complete. I would do all over again if any chance. 

I am so honoured and grateful to have met Rozy and learnt so much from her. 

I would urge anybody wishing to have a baby to join Rozy at the earliest possible stage, even before conception to have the most blessed journey.

She is the goddess of Mother Nature and yoga! I owe so much to her passion and care and zest for life. 

A big hug and thank you to wonderful Rozy for being there for me every step of the way. 

Good luck to all the wonderful ladies dreaming of being a mummy. 

Lots of love and thanks

Kirsty xxx

Kirsty - Former Client

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