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7 days worth of guided audio meditations to declutter and "deep clean" your energy field Channel and integrate high frequency vibrations into your energy field. Acknowledge and LOVE UP the things that trigger you


What is causing you to feel fearful and disempowered?

  • Do you fear the side-effects of the vaccine that is being sold to us as the solution?
  • Are you concerned that 5G and other electromagnetic frequencies are harming your health?
  • Do you doubt the motivation of government policies, leaving you feeling unsettled and restricted?


Whatever we BELIEVE, we see more of. If we believe we are under threat, we will find more evidence of this wherever we look.

Focusing on our fears only weakens our defences.

So, how can we SHIFT our focus to easily see the world through eyes of LOVE – and move ourselves from being Human to SuperHuman?

Enter the Cosmic CleanUp Crew

This 7-day Cosmic Cleanse meditation package will help you to:

  • Declutter and “deep clean” your energy field, clearing out lower frequencies
  • Channel higher frequency vibrations into your energy field, and integrate them
  • Acknowledge and LOVE UP the things that trigger you.
    This will allow you to feel, and be, DIVINELY protected – and help you anchor more of the LIGHT we all want to see in the world.
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What’s in the Cosmic CleanUp Crew meditation package?


The 7-day Cosmic Cleanse


Sphere of Compassion Decontamination
A simple cleansing of your personal energy field – which exists within you and around you – to neutralise any lower vibration energies absorbed from the world around you.

Decoding and Energy Refund
Cut any energetic ties with others that are draining your energies, and “return to sender” any low vibration energy. This meditation also allows you to call back any energy you have sent out to others so it can be transmuted and sent back with love.

Energy Field Detox for Rainbow Flame
Use this before the Rainbow Flame Activation and Initiation meditation to clear your energy field in preparation for receiving the high frequency codes of the Rainbow Flame.

Rainbow Flame Gentle Integration
To be used following the Rainbow Flame Activation and Initiation meditation to allow the Rainbow Flame codes to embed deeper into your emotional, mental and causal bodies.

Rainbow Flame Activation and Initiation
Your FIRST step – this meditation will open your energy field to the flow of the Rainbow Flame, allowing you to become receptive to the Superhuman codes contained in the other meditations.

Day 5
Infinite Love Virus
To raise up any “anti-love” frequencies that hold power over you, preventing you from living the life you want to CoCreate. This meditation will return these energies to “zero point” Source energy vibration – the energy of CREATION.

Day 6
5G to 5D
Shifting into a higher perspective that allows us to see the challenges of our current times from a place of LOVE. A paradigm shift to enable us to step back, step up, and feed the LIGHT instead of the darkness.

Day 7
Fear Release
The release of feelings of F.E.A.R. – False Evidence, Expectations or Emotions appearing real – from your body and energy field. These are transmuted into pure love and trust, infinite love and divine power. 


You can repeat the full 7-day Cosmic Cleanse as you feel called to, or you can redo any of the meditations individually as situations arise (the Energy Field Detox for Rainbow Flame should always be followed within 24-hours by the Rainbow Flame Gentle Integration).

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Bonus Content

From Terror to Divine Trust Meditation

This meditation is perfect for moving you out of a state of stress; fight / flight / freeze into your optimal state of 'rest, repair, feed and breed' which is your nervous system soothing response, connecting you to your Higher Self and the love hormone Oxytocin.

The RozyGlow 'Protect Your Body' Cheat Sheet

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