December Solstice Event

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December Solstice 2021

The Rainbow BRIDGE 5D Paradigm SHIFT December Solstice Yoga + CoCreation

This is your call to arms from the Galactic Federation of Light of our Universe. EVENT REPLAY


December Solstice: The Rainbow BRIDGE 5D Paradigm SHIFT


Price also includes: Full Moon Energy Healing & Upgrade (pre-recorded meditation), to be listened to BEFORE taking part in the December Solstice replay.



22% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profit organisations supporting the Indigenous peoples of our planet.

Full price £33.33
Students / Low income £22.22

Join me as we SEED THE UNIFICATION CODES INTO the collective consciousness of HUMANITY, Upgrading and Aligning our DNA with our Higher Self Soul TRUTH. We will be CoCreating the Most Graceful Easy & Joyful Ascension Paradise Timeline, through:

  • Ceremonial cacao toast, yoga as embodied prayer in action (gentle body-based practices accessible to all) and a guided CoCreation meditation
  • Transmissions of reiki and light language from several star constellations including, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, Regus and beyond...
  • Soul Fragment Retrieval and Re-CLAIMING our Sovereignty – Put Your SOUL in CONTROL

The CoCreation begins with an activation of our I AM Soul Presence. We then look to guidance from our Higher Self to call back, from all 12 dimensions in this Universe, all aspects of our Soul Consciousness that have fragmented through trauma. It is time to reclaim ALL aspects of our Being-ness and re-member who and WHAT we truly are – Source Consciousness in physical bodies.

  • We activate our own CoCreating capacity through a guided visualisation and meditation to connect us with the unique Divine Spark in each of us.
  • We consciously align with the Highest Good of ALL and the Win Win Win – our GIFT to ourselves and each other.

We stand in solidarity with the indigenous bloodlines of this earth, offering protection, healing and prayers for ALL of humanity. 22% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profit organisations supporting the Indigenous peoples of our planet.

You are being requested to hear the Heart Call with your human self and Soul self and SHOW UP as part of the Cavalry of LoveLight – it is TIME TO LIGHTEN UP AND SHINE!

Full price: £33
Students / Low income: £22

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