Divine Matrix Activation

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Divine Matrix Activation 2022


Yoga Workshop and
Cacao Ceremony

Saturday 8th January 2022
1.00pm - 6.00pm GMT

In-person: Be-Yoga, Haywards Heath

Full price £66
Concessions £55

(Concessions: Students / Low income / RISE tribe / Current coaching clients)

This New Year 2022 will be the year of the Divine Matrix – when we start to see CLEARLY through eyes of LOVE what IS possible. A celebration of our eternal nature – our Divinity – let’s celebrate our UNIFICATION.


Downloading the codes of the Divine Matrix

Following on from the energies of the last Full Moon of 2021, which invited us to move beyond judgement and duality, the invitation will be to move FULLY into heartfelt compassionate observation.

What you can expect:

    • A Cacao ceremony to connect us all to our heart’s DEEPEST desires for 2022, for ourselves and for the world.
    • We will move into a Divine Architecture Activation to UPGRADE the codes of our physical human body, allowing FULL receptivity of our Soul Light into our beingness.
    • Our MultiDimensional Yoga practice will align us with the Divine Matrix, and OPEN you up to the OPTIMAL Blueprint of your body, creating a BRIDGE to the New World. We will explore moves to undo patterns that keep us misaligned.
    • We will ANCHOR our Divine Blueprint alignment through an exploration of twists, gentle heart openers, bridge poses, hanuman, spiral movements, and updates on the Star Salutation.
    • We will SEED our intentions into the Crystalline Grid and finish with a CoCreation meditation to embody the new frequencies we require for a Graceful, Easy and JOYFUL passage into making our dreams come true in 2022.


Full price £66
Concessions £55

I AM RozyGlow

Rosanna Hanness, Founder of RozyGlow, will be running the workshop. 

Rosanna is the Creatrice of MultiDimensional Yoga and Coaching.  She is a MultiDimensional World Bridger and Success Coach. 

Creating a BRIDGE to the New World

Let’s get PLAYFUL as we learn how to OPEN UP safely to the New Earth. We will be creating the foundations for a safe Quantum LEAP!

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