Fearless, Loved Up and Limitless

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FearLESS Loved Up & Limitless

Align with your sacred union love and watch the rest of your health and wealth desires unfold before your very eyes….


The Sacred Union and Divine Destiny pathway for impact driven humans ready to align with your soul purpose, live your dream life and activate your SuperPowers so you experience the reality you long for and fulfil your Divine legacy

FearLESS iyour invitation to:

Deep, juicy and fulfilling love that meets you on every level of your multi-passionate being and smashes out of the park all you were told love should or could be

Having your personal unmet needs finally met so you feel well resourced and supported to fulfil your biggest vision in this world and have the most impact with your purpose and talents

The specific tool kit required to shift you from someone ‘trying’ to make a change into the frequency that allows that change to unfold right within you and around you for what you truly desire

Is this you?

You have known ever since you were little that this world doesn't make much sense and you are somehow different.

It may be that you identify as a StarSeed, Empath of Lightworker… yet your sensitivities tend to overwhelm you rather than feel like a gift.

All your life you have cared so much about others, often to the detriment of yourself and at this point in life you are ready to allow yourself to receive what you have been working so hard to achieve - the love that you dream of, the recognition you deserve, the opportunities to have phenomenal impact and the resource flow that allows you to feel well supported to thrive.

Right now you don't fully know how. And you are ready to learn from someone who does.

It is likely that you never truly felt like you belonged to the family you were born into and you can see that you have inherited some challenging beliefs that are holding you back despite how much work you have done on yourself seeking to change this.You spend too much time stuck in your head, have trouble trusting others and asking for help. You really want to learn how to follow and trust the voice in your heart. Guilt, shame, fear and self doubt affect you and your decision making and you truly want to align with taking guidance from the wisest part of you

You may well be facing a big challenge in life and dont feel well resourced to face it. This is your time to learn how to CoCreate the reality you desire rather than energise the reality you fear, by learning how to overcome your own internal resistance to change.

I AM RozyGlow, MultiDimensional Success Coach and StarSeed Activator and I spent 20 years ‘trying’ to overcome struggle, stress and constant failure before learning how to consistently CoCreate the life of MY dreams.

I mastered how to overcome the pre birth and early life conditioning that was creating constant struggle and lack in my life and switched stress for success through a simple MultiDimensional formula that puts your soul in control and teaches you HOW to Cocreate the life you want.


Becoming FearLESS

Getting Fearless, means unplugging from the F.E.A.R. matrix which is our pre-birth, inherited, adrenaline fuelled programming and plugging into the Divine Matrix, where we are fuelled by the love hormone Oxytocin, which allows us to THRIVE rather than Survive.

We cannot create a new world for ourselves or humanity, from an old world mindset. So shifting from F.E.A.R. to trust, is an essential part of the journey for all of us with a passion for personal and world change. This empowers us to CoCreate our New Desired Reality in the most graceful, easy and joyful way, including how we share our gifts.

As our vibrational frequency changes, so does our perception of the world around us, and ourselves.


"This is a full physical excavation of everything that is not your true identity so you can finally let your soul light shine through without fear.
It's a homecoming to who you truly are so you can be free to express your authenticity."

Gemma, FearLESS Graduate, Quantum Alignment Guide


"This program is absolutely fantastic and it will do everything that you want it to do! I can’t rate it highly enough so get on the course, now!"

Victoria, Teacher, FearLESS Graduate


Becoming Loved Up


Being Loved Up is a vibrational frequency which allows what we desire to come to us easily. Having a healthy sacred union with another, cannot come easily if we do not have a program (early life conditioning) that matches our desired experience. Dr Bruce Lipton describes his book The Honeymoon Effect, as 'the science of creating heaven on earth'.

The Fearless program, our process, gifts you the tools and formula for CoCreating both a personal and collective heaven on earth - what we call Paradise Earth.

For you personally, this means, clearing the blocks to attracting, having and maintaining the love dynamics you long for.

Early influences shape us

We are all impacted by our inherited programming and previous experiences, whether direct or passed down from those who conceived us and/or brought us up.

Our inner masculine, feminine and child is only as emotionally and psychologically healthy as those who influenced us most in our early years, and our expectations of the Divine Source - ALL That IS - are based on them too.

Attracting love starts within

So although I don't run coaching programmes called 'how to get the guy/girl in x weeks', I promise you that the essence to everything I teach is the healing of the relationship within.

Once you Love Up the wounds of those inner aspects of you, the magic can truly start happening.
If you are here because you are looking for love, you ARE in the right place.

YOU control your destiny

Having the focus on YOU makes everything you want possible, achievable and much closer than you imagine. The end results you desire are the gifts that come from upgrading your inner circuitry to your Divine BluePrint. This way you can CoCreate Your Personal Paradise in alignment with you Soul Truth.

Becoming Limitless

Freedom, sovereignty, inner authority - how do we claim these? And just who are you, really? There are so many layers of conditioning to 'love up' so we can shift from ego programming (early life conditioning), to living as our Higher Self and activating our Soul Blueprint.

The thorough methodology Fearless offers, clears layer by layer all that is inauthentic to your Divine Essence, harmonising your human self with your soul frequency so you shed the dread, fear and resistance to being truly aligned with your self chosen soul curriculum. The key outcome of this is we stop giving our power away to 'external' authority, and trust intrinsically our inner authority. This makes you a master of navigating unfamiliar territory - which is essential for creating a new world, from an old one.

Are You Ready to Get FearLESS, Loved Up and Limitless?



Loved Up and Limitless

“I am celebrating finally pursuing a passion of mine (learning to sail) and literally falling into the arms of an amazing man who is truly meeting and matching me in so many ways, making my dreams of paradise a reality

I now have a life that has moved from good to FANTASTIC, a loving beloved soul partner who adores me, and an amazing potential for more of what I want and deserve in all areas of my life.”

MultiDimensional Psychotherapist

Abundance beyond measure and 10x income!

I am celebrating 10X my income from the Saturday markets alone! On Friday I also had my new paying app going...so as I was sitting by the river soaking up nature I got pinged for every sale happening at my stall and that felt amazing.....on Saturday I had the largest online order from one person ever and I am totally and fullpower, definitely, crazy in LOVE, I AM euphoric in a beautiful soft and slow way.

After years of being single thinking there are no men good for me in Switzerland, within weeks of starting the course, I finally opened my eyes to  my love…he was right in front of me all along! And now we are living together, planning our future by the sea.
It is almost a little shocking when slowly your dreams come true...hahaha. I will be forever grateful that I was willing to invest in myself. I am also happy that RozyGlow is now part of my life and I feel like I found my tribe of wild woman warriors.....this is a journey that is still continuing ......”

Jewellery Designer

I AM supported

The support to embed it into our daily lives is the biggest game changer I feel. I feel like I have confidence to handle stuff that comes up now where as before I was dreading anything coming up because I didn’t feel I could cope.
This month marks 3 years since I left my very well paid corporate job and this month is the first month I will be paid a decent living wage which allows me to save money for doing a job I love.

MultiDimensional Yoga Teacher & Sacred Space Holder

The Delivery

FearLESS Loved Up and Limitless

A 6 month transformational journey, unique and bespoke to you.

This is a hybrid MultiDimensional container which includes individual AND group coaching, pioneering digital content and ongoing support.

  • Individual Intention Setting Session to clarify your key intentions and identify your main blindspots so you focus on the areas most vital to you in the course content
  • Individual Healing Session to fast track your progress by clearing blocks quickly so you can alleviate acute challenges and maximise the enjoyment of embracing change
  • Weekly Online LIVE Group Coaching and Reality Crafting with the RozyGlow coaching team overseen by Rosanna
  • Ongoing voice message support from the coaches between sessions, in a private message group
  • 8 Modules of Digital Content including breathwork, movement, sound practices and unique MultiDimensional tools that align your conscious mind and subconscoous programming with your Highest self intentions
  • Unique Energy Upgrade and Mindset Shifting tools, including the StarPeace StarMaps that target the symptoms and causes of physical and energetic misalignment and create instant and long term shifts
    Weekly Online LIVE MultiDimensional Yoga that activates your Divine Architecture, Soul and Earth chakras, helps to transmute the old stories in your cellular memory and teaches optimal alignment so that you maximise the impact of your upgrades and rewire your nervous system to thrive
  • Divine Prosperity, Regenerative Wealth Upgrades and monthly interactive masterclasses that are bespoke to the issues arising in the coaching group for deeper healing
  • Individual Next Steps Session to review your journey and identify key focal points that guarantee ongoing success and your bespoke pathway ahead

This systematic process is a life changing six month journey


MODULE #1: Set Yourself UP for SUCCESS
Everything you need to know to hit the road running and get the best results from this program in the fastest time. Just the content in this module alone puts you on the Super Highway to manifestation success

MODULE #2: DeLightful Daily Practice Essentials:
An exploration of the key essential practices to living a soul lead existence, making the fuel change shift from adrenaline to oxytocin, and plugging into the Divine Architecture that connects you up to all the 5D Thrive Matrix grids

MODULE #3: Put Your SOUL in Control: Aligning with the Divine
All the tools required to activate your SuperConscious fully & put your Higher Self in the driving seat of your life so magic, miracles and synchronicities are now your NEW normal.

MODULE #4: Intention & Desire Mapping
Getting clear on intention is KEY to CoCreating your Reality Consciously. Learn all the MultiDimensional tricks of the trade for optimal physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual alignment, so your desires are entirely soul lead and the path to your dreams becoming your reality is created

MODULE #5: Conscious Mind Alignment
Though the subconscious is 95% more powerful than the conscious mind, NOT having your conscious mind aligned with your soul desires guarantees you WON'T get the results you want. Ignore this module at your peril…the conscious mind is the gatekeeper!

MODULE #6: Subconscious Clearing
Detox and upgrade ALL your social, cultural, religious & familial conditioning so you are free of the karma drama of your bloodline ancestors & the F.E.A.R. matrix world & can finally tune in to your soul mission & mastery

MODULE #7: Blind Spot Discovery and Fine Tuning
Keep your conscious and subconscious mind aligned with your SuperConscious so you get harvest after harvest from your desires manifesting, now the weeds have all gone and your sacred seeds are GROWING. Spot your own self sabotage & master course correcting like a BADASS!

MODULE #8: Self Mastery
Now you are manifesting your desires into your reality, learn the Conscious CoCreator’s secrets for stabilization, maintenance & expansion at YOUR pace. Your life is YOUR legacy dear StarSeed and you live by example to inspire those you have a soul contract to activate. Now you have what YOU want, here is how to enjoy it, build on it and receive your subsequent soul mission instructions.

FearLESS, Loved Up and Limitless Offer: 


Bonus 1:

These four potent and exclusive RozyGlow StarSeed Divine Matrix upgrades, repair and activate the 10 crystalline strands of your StarSeed DNA, bringing your 12 strand Divine Human DNA consciousness into full operation, mega boosting your CoCreations and SuperPowers. Witness your Lightbody integrate and evolve from star to diamond, as your inner family resolves from wounded to Divine.

Bonus 2:

Activation Meditations, Clearing Rituals and Physical Alignment Practices for attracting sacred union

Allow the full flow of resources required for you to have access to ALL you desire to experience, to the level that YOU desire to experience it

Eradicate lack from all areas of your life and tap into the infinite flow of Abundance, Miracles and Magic eternally

If you are ready to swap fear for trust, struggling for thriving and stress for success then there are only one LOGICAL & MAGICAL action to take…book your Desire Mapping call gorgeous one and lets put your SOUL in CONTROL

I AM ready to be FearLESS


Only £7777 or 3 instalments. Choose which option is right for you. 

Join FearLESS 1 payment £7777
Join FearLESS 3 payments £2888
Join FearLESS 1 payment $10000
Join FearLESS 3 payments $3666


Best thing she has ever done

"I was worried about the money but then I decided to put myself first for once. I decided to give myself a gift, an act of love. Even my son, who is very shrewd with money said to me ‘it is the best thing you have ever done’. He benefited directly from my change, my opening to a different way of being that is more healthy, happy and balanced.”

Emerging Butterfly, Family Charity Coordinator

I AM following my creative Joy

So I got a pay rise for my work as a Doctor, meaning I make the same money in 3 days that i did in 4 and I am now earning MORE p/h as a DJ than as a GP - as I follow my creative joy, my prosperity is growing! I didn't think that was possible before starting FearLESS


I AM starting a new stage now

Since the course, I have had a huge realisation that I have been struggling with pretty severe anxiety and depression since I was a young child. Acknowledging this has really helped me to be more compassionate towards myself and also I have realised just how strong I am to have dealt with it for so long. I have always tried to find ways of helping myself deal with it/feel better and never accepted those feelings as “just the way I am.” It has been a long hard journey but I really feel like I am starting a new stage now.

Conscious Parent & Social Justice Activist

I AM transformed

The FEF2BM course I’ve been doing with Rosie has been amazing and has transformed how I feel about myself and people within my life. It’s allowed me to clear a lot of the emotions that I’ve been feeling and holding on to. Some of which are my own, some of which have been passed on through the generations. I feel a lot lighter and I feel like I’ve got a lot more light, joy, happiness and peace within my being.

Jewellery Designer & Coach

I can't rate it highly enough

Rosie’s program has helped me so much from where I began. I wanted to become more fluid and have more strength so I could do anything and deal with anything that pops up in my life easier. I also wanted to get rid of previous things that were hurting me. This program is absolutely fantastic and it will do everything that you want it to do! I can’t rate it highly enough so get on the course, now!

Conscious Parent

I AM worth it

To someone thinking about joining the course: You should join the course because you’re worth it and you need to believe that. You need to take that step for yourself (and for everyone around you but for yourself first). Spend the money on yourself as you would spend it on your loved ones. This is the first step to changing your life. Enjoy the journey.

NGO Analyst

Thank you for changing my life

I just wanted to share with you that the things I have done with you - The FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 be me course, all the deep diving….letting go of guilt, blame, shame in a graceful way….it's REALLY powerful!
I've been taking part in a men’s group, and the things they do, require diving deep into your most painful memories and all those things…in a very masculine way- the advice they are giving is good, but its very cerebral- in their head.
I feel my role is to give these men their feminine power… I feel like I’m the coach there so thank you!
I can see that my growth has been MASSIVE and really without you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, so I am very very grateful for everything that you’ve given me and your guidance.

RTT Therapist, EM Detox Coach & Change Maker

The better it gets, the better it gets

So today officially became the best month of business since I started almost 2 years back!! I am not going to hold back and going to really celebrate!! It IS an achievement !!

Yoga Teacher, Dentist & Change Maker

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