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Liberation from Limitation

Liberation from Limitation

Liberation from Limitation is the course that makes YOU the Master of your Mind. Learn how to tame your mental chatter, LOVE UP self-sabotage and CoCreate your reality consciously with the 6 Steps to Success. This course will reveal how you can ReDesign and UPGRADE any area of your life, from relationships to finances.


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Do you want to get UNSTUCK and make POSITIVE change?

This FREE Breakthrough Web Class will walk you through the first step of Liberation from Limitation – the course that will teach you how to TAME your MENTAL CHATTER and make YOU the Master of your Mind. I will also reveal some in-the-moment tools I use DAILY to get unstuck.

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There are several options for doing this course including Digital only and With Coaching, prices range between £1111 - £2222 depending on your option. Payment plans available.

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Bonus Content 

  • Singing Bowl Audio Meditation unlocked in Module 4 (valued at £40)
  • I Am Statement Daily Prayer eBook (valued at £11.11)
  • Festive First Aid Toolkit Course (valued at £297)
  • £300 OFF Discount for Fearless, Loved Up and Limitless Course
"Liberation from Limitation is intention based, What do I have, what do I want, what’s in the way. How do I change that?
It’s a step by step guide to SEEING / listing who, what, where, when and changing it. It’s like you join with a shaken glass of muddy water and leave with the water and mud in the glass completed still"

I AM seeing my truth

Through this course, I was guided to see what intentions I wish for my life, what barriers are in the way, and how to smash through them...This course opened my eyes to a way of life I thought not possible for ‘someone like me’! I

/ LFL Graduate

More than a set of tools

Liberation from Limitation program by RozyGlow is more than a set of tools. It's a movement, it’s a community, a collective of people who are done with the old paradigms, old impacted lessons

Clair Bush
/ LFL Graduate

Game Changer

Well, that course woz a game changer!!! lol x

Sometimes I can't even put down on paper the breakthroughs I've had or the thought patterns/revelations and AHA moments that all link together so wonderfully.

Anne Hobbs
/ LFL Graduate

Mind Blown

Thank u soooooo much 4 LFL. Mind blown lol. Mad how I changed through it from being freaked out, 2 f**k it bucket, 2 overwhelm, 2 so grounded and focused, 2 recording the audio (told myself just f**king do it!!!!)

Massive turn around shifting from victim, poor me stories. I AM ready 2 re write my story.


Anne Hobbs
/ LFL Graduate

All of my dreams have come true

The magical woman I met is now living with me  in a stunning flat  which we rented together. ... and currently custom engagement rings are being made!  I literally could not have imagined someone so perfect for me.

In other news, money has been raining on me from random sources, which has allowed me to drop to working only 3 days a week and raise my savings by 5 times! (yes, 5!)

Basically all of my dreams have come true and this has been the most unbelievably perfect year of my life.

/ LFL Graduate

My mindset is totally different

definitely had a big breakthrough doing this course, understanding who I am and who I want to be. I have lots of hidden blocks and programmed ego from my past, but it is a relief to know that I can reprogram this the way I want. My mindset is totally different then it was on the beginning of this course. I feel I am taking few steps back to move forward and dealing with emotions coming into the surface atm.   

/ LFL Graduate

Magical Course

I was driving to work this morning and I was thanking all the wonderful things I have around me and in my life. "Liberation for Limitation" was one of them! When I started I could have predict how this little course was going to be so "magical" in a time of stress and uncertainty. So Rozy thank you for being on my life at this moment in time and sharing your knowledge and the wisdom of the universe. 

/ LFL Graduate

Week 1 | Intention

Setting your internal Sat Nav

During This Session We Cover:

  • What are the pre programs?
  • Understanding that 'who' you are is who you were programmed to be
  • Choosing your own destination & route-Intention, Alignment, Flow
  • Aligning with Grace in all its expressions
  • Setting the foundation – taking care of your basic needs first... what are they?
  • Expanding your understanding of co-creation. We are multi-dimensional beings of love-light
  • Intro to 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions
  • Sacred Geometry + Divine Architecture

Week 2 | What You Focus On Grows

Hidden Blocks, Declared Roadworks & Route Closures

During This Session We Cover:

  • What is resistance and the difference between duty and desire
  • Stop playing the victim and become empowered
  • Discover hidden blocks of resistance, low self-worth, self-doubt
  • Decipher your inner critic - the judge, jury and the executioner

Week 3 | Trust Yourself

Alternative Routes You Can Take

During This Session We Cover:

  • Become your own inner authority and unplug from the matrix
  • Develop a relationship with your own intuition, inner sense, inner presence, divine self and higher-self
  • Understand that fear (FALSE EMOTIONS APPEARING REAL) scrambles the signals of our intuition
  • Understand your own story and question it
  • Learn the ability to shift your perception of yourself and others
  • Understanding the fabric of society and our family

Week 4 | Body Based Signals

External Road Signs and Making Sense of Your Direction On The Map

During This Session We Cover:

  • Understanding the external signs (Symbolism, Synchronicities and signals you haven’t learnt to read yet)
  • Pay attention to the signals you are receiving in bio feedback from your body
  • See the 'road signs’ to show you whether what you are FOCUSED on is aligned with what you WANT

Week 5 | ReFrame it. ReWrite it

Change The Narrative

During This Session We Cover:

  • Expand your perception of what is possible
  • Time to reorientate and check that the map you have is the one you want to follow
  • Getting clear on what story you want to write and energise it
  • Understand your own story and question it
  • Discover the key qualities of your character
  • Change how you talk about situations that challenge you

Week 6 | Divine Navigation

Surrendering to the Super Conscious and Divine Timing

During This Session We Cover:

  • Embodying your higher-self
  • Exploring your relationship with your own inner presence
  • Clearing up resistance that says we are NOT creators and are not this powerful
  • Releasing all attachment to manifestations and timing of events
  • Exploring the feeling of surrender

Join RozyGlow coaches as they walk you through the most effective CoCreation tools available today and learn to master them successfully.

Break FREE from un-conscious addiction to struggle and align with Grace and Ease.

This course will help you reDESIGN and UPGRADE any area of your life, from relationships to finances.

  • This course is delivered via 6 online modules you work through in your own time and two 121 sessions with a RozyGlow coach to start and end the course so YOU ARE CLEAR on top priorities and THE NEW NARRATIVE you are seeding.
  • Email support throughout the course duration
  • Video and audio based content where Rosanna walks you through the most effective Mind Set Shifting and  Co Creation tools available today and learn to master them successfully

  • 6 Modules of guided exercises and daily practices to help you co-create with grace and ease.
  • A supportive online fb group community of like-minded people who are on a similar path as you and with whom you can connect and witness each others’ transformation.

Course Testimonials

Course formerly know as 'CoCreation Success'


The LFL presentations ARE SO GOOD...ive just been listening back to them...everyone should do that course! It really is incredible and hearing you explain things as you do is truly exceptional. For anyone seeking a perspective shift on their current circumstances so they can empower themselves to have a different experience. Wow.   Chloe, LFL graduate 




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