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Hey! I'm Rosanna Kalliabetsos and welcome to my website, RozyGlow. 

I have been in ‘training’ all my life. My true journey began when I started training with Birthlight as a perinatal yoga teacher in 2003. I uncovered mysteries that blew my mind. I discovered how our time in the womb shapes us and how cellular memory needs vital support to recover from a traumatic pregnancy or birth. Birth trauma has affected most of us and it gets embedded deeply into our subconscious. There is no space in most ‘modern’ births to connect to the beauty and magic of birth as the ultimate transformation journey.

The great news is that we can reform and remodel following our birth experience. For us to really heal, we need to undo and re-pattern the physical memory of the cells. This comes through breath, sound, touch and movement and accessing the subconscious mind

Everything in life follows a process of conception, gestation, labour, birth, nurturing and setting free. Everything. Learn to go with the flow and enjoy what unfolds.

Whether you want to discover your life purpose, launch a new business, improve your relationships, heal your emotions, meet someone special, redefine your health and body image, the process is always the same.

And your time in the womb, birth and early life experience heavily influences and can limit your success. Unless you change the programming!

We are destined to recreate the patterns of the past until we consciously choose to change the subconscious conditioning that plays out that pattern.

Think about it. What your great grandmother lived through is a very different life from what you are living today. Is the way she viewed the world and lived her life, serving you now?

 Probably Not!

Working as a Doula taught me how to translate my training to ‘in the moment’ emotional release and transformation. I have seen my consciousness tools bring instant results and continue to work brilliantly, over time, to anchor permanent change.

I’ve worked with both allopathic and holistic health-care models to understand the varying perspectives and limitations of each. What we expect, we get as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Life is inherently abundant and gives you more of what you focus on and expect.

Are YOU getting what you want from your life?

For the past 25 years, I’ve taken a deep dive into myself. I AM a yogini, expert in supporting prenatal women, their partners, babies and growing families. As an experienced Reiki Master, I can help you navigate the emotional and psychological shift we are all being called to make. I AM heart-centred. My Authentic Self is Activated and I hear yours is calling out to me!

My heart is open

My journey certainly wasn’t easy. But I know the leap of faith you are about to take because I made it too

I was 22 when my daughter was born and my life changed fundamentally. For the first time, I saw the world differently. I started to notice women everywhere ignoring their intuition and instincts. They conformed to what was expected of them or what they thought they should do.

I was the same. I was unfulfilled, depressed and unsatisfied when I should have been revelling in the beautiful new life I had brought into the world. I survived a difficult pregnancy, a very challenging birth and now she was here. Why wasn’t I happy? The longer I ignored my deep feelings, the more depressed I felt. I ate for comfort, craved caffeine, sugar highs, smoked, overworked and distracted myself every way I could.

I was in a psychologically and emotionally abusive relationship that I had no idea how to handle.

It took time to realise it was dysfunctional patterns of behaviour I had in my own programming that was attracting this abuse into my life.

Finally, the light bulb went on. I needed to do something for myself! That’s when my yoga journey truly began. I devoured the philosophy, but something still was still missing. I found myself conforming yet again; trying to be the perfect yogi.


As a yoga teacher, so many pregnant women were attracted to me, wanting my support on their journey. This pushed me to pursue specialist training with Birthlight. And that is when my decoding started.

I soon realised that my ancestral influences had shrouded me in fear. I was consumed by it – fear of death, pain, childbirth, mothering, my own power, men and intimacy.

I realised (through a lot of trial and error) that my outer relationships reflected the relationship I had with myself. Nothing outside would change until I felt safe and happy on the inside. This could only come from radical self-love, acceptance and forgiveness of myself.

The journey of life

I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of people, of all ages, over the years.

The 5000 + women and babies who came to me taught me the value of planting seeds in well-nourished soil. I’ve experienced them pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, in birth preparation and in postnatal recovery. I’ve been fortunate to help them grow into confident and heart-centred mothers and inspired women. They listened to their bodies and their babies. They learned to enquire and to trust. They are empowered and wonderful mothers.

I’ve also adored the babies. The rapport developed following conception, birth and into childhood has enabled me to be their voice. The babies have told me what they want and I’ve coached their parents! Working with partners has taught me the importance of intimacy and deep connection, and how to create this between even the most reserved men and women.

All the work I have ever done to help myself, other women, their partners and their children can be condensed into one purpose – shifting from a fear-based living to a love based paradigm. Change your view and you will change your life and experience of the world…

Tools of the trade

The way to turn fear and anxiety into love and trust is to first accept what is and then re-create what is desired. I will share the most effective tools for a comfortable transformational journey. You will learn to turn the most challenging emotions, thoughts and memories into opportunities to love yourself more.

Like in labour, resistance is futile! The more you try and block change, the more challenging life gets. I’ll give you the keys and tools for creating grace and ease as you express more and more of your Authentic Self.

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