Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga

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Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga


Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is great way of supporting you and your baby. Carefully adapted classic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques promote harmony, joy, trust and self-confidence.

The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

  • Physical benefits include alleviating back pain, breathlessness, weak or overtoned pelvic floor, sleep issues, heartburn, piles, carpel tunnel...and much more!
  • Align, tone, & strengthen your body during mid pregnancy, then gently prepare it in late pregnancy for a positive birth experience...however you choose to give birth.   
  • Alleviate birth fears by deepening your understanding of your body, hormones and connection to baby during pregnancy and labour  
  • Feel more energised, excited and confident about becoming a Mum! 
  • Breathing techniques to relax well, sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety and manage each stage of labour 
  • Learn simple yoga moves, massage and partner work to practice at home between classes 

Along with the Physical Benefits, there are a number of emotional benefits to be gained for both mummy & baby:

  • Feel Nurtured - Ease Fear, anxiety, stress and even ease learn how to manage your stress levels to minimise impact on your baby.
  • Understand the role of your hormones during pregnancy & birth, and how to make them work for you
  • Bond with your baby through conscious communication- essential for pregnancy AND birth to minimise risk of trauma
  • Meet other mums and benefit from the wealth of experience Charmaine has as a mother, yoga teacher and doula...she has used everything she teaches in her own childrens births!

Class Details


Sundays 10.30am - 11.30am


Extra discussion time is included in the pregnancy and baby classes AND you get the expert support from Charmaine who is not only certified Birthlight Yoga Teacher (the 'gold standard' of pregnancy and baby yoga), breast feeding support person and nutritionist.... Plus her own experience of 2 pregnancies, births and early motherhood to draw from!




"Charmaine is the best teacher of anything pregnancy and birth related - she's absolutely amazing and helped me heal from a difficult first birth and have an amazing second birth."   Lorna


In-person Class

Sundays 10.30am - 11.30am

St Swithun's Church Hall, Purley
Grovelands Road,
CR8 4LB                     Map

5 week block of classes   £75



Online Class (via Zoom)

Sundays 10.30am - 11.30am

Join the class live via Zoom or catch the Replay.

Our Pregnancy & Birth Prep yoga classes are Birthlight classes that specialise in taking yoga from the classroom and applying it to the labour room. Birthlight offers a holistic and yoga therapy approach to pregnancy yoga and has 50 years of experience to gain confidence from.  Every class starts with valuable chat time where issues are discussed, solutions found and friendships are formed. These classes are a great way of supporting you and your baby, to handle the roller coaster ride of emotions,  navigate conflicting medical advise, manage physical discomforts in pregnancy AND prepare for best birth outcomes. Expect carefully adapted classic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to promote self - confidence, reduce fear and anxiety & teach you to manage your emotions. Every pregnancy is different so these classes benefit first time mums and those who have had babies before.

We are specialists  in Birthlight pregnancy and baby yoga, having serviced thousands of pregnant women over the last 17 years to have the best pregnancy and birth experience, whatever type of birth they have chosen or ended up having.  We offer a holistic antenatal yoga practice to empower you to make the birth and care choices that are suitable for you and your growing family. This empowers you to have a more enjoyable pregnancy as you benefit from our expert advise and holistic approach. We offer continuity of care through our Birthlight baby and postnatal yoga for newborns and later, older babies.

Loved classes

Loved my classes with you Charmaine! You were such a brilliant support throughout my pregnancy, during the birth period and the early days of  new motherhood. 

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Confidence Gained

We are so grateful for the confidence gained throughout the yoga classes with you and Rozy and thank you both and the team from the bottom of our heart.

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits are amazing!

Injoy Yoga (RozyGlow) is brilliant; I recommend it to anyone who is pregnant, no matter what stage you are at, and also to those who have recently given birth! The benefits are amazing; it helped greatly throughout my pregnancy and now continues to do so with my little one. All you have to do is pop along to one of the classes. Everyone is so welcoming, the teachers are great and their knowledge stretches further than just yoga and has really helped me in everyday life... I love the friends I have made and how much my little Jack enjoys it too. 

/ Pregnancy & Baby Yoga

Recovery quick

As a result of the natural delivery my recovery was also incredibly quick; I walked out of hospital the next day! Thank you! 

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Positive birthing experience

The best thing I did during my pregnancy was to join this pregnancy yoga class.  I truly feel that my positive birthing experience is due in large part to pregnancy yoga. It gave me a chance to not only become more in tune with my own body, but also to learn the art of relaxation and meditation on a whole new level.  

My pregnancy was not free from complications by any means; however, I was more able to overcome each hurdle and trust everything would be okay because of what yoga has done for me. 

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Wonderful support

I would like to say thanks to you and your team for being a wonderful support throughout this amazing journey of pregnancy and would recommend your classes to each and every pregnant woman I meet from now on.

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Loving advice

I enjoyed Charmaine's classes so much with my first child that I went twice a week (only didn't use with my second child as we'd moved areas) but she's still been on hand to send me homemade bump butter and just offer general loving advice.

/ Pregnancy Yoga

Meet your teacher - Charmaine Murray

Charmaine teaches Baby and Pregnancy Yoga at RozyGlow and is an EXPERT in her field as a Doula, Pregnancy & Baby Yoga teacher, and Aromatherapist. ⁠

Charmaine first joined InJoy Yoga pregnant with her second child who she gave birth to at home. Rosanna Kalliabetsos, the Founder of InJoy Yoga was her teacher through pregnancy and baby yoga. Rosanna is also a Birthlight Tutor so trains teachers on behalf of Birthlight and she personally mentored Charmaine for  a whole year before Charmaine took over her classes. Both Rosanna (known as Rozy) and Charmaine are Doulas so have first hand experience of seeing how the practices taught in our Birthlight pregnancy classes are used to facilitate natural birth and minimise medical interventions. These practices literally shorten the length of labour! Charmaine is also a womb yoga specialist, aromatherapist and general amazing woman. 

 Her first son was planned at home but ended up having to transfer to hospital so Charmaine is well equipped to guide women through the various options available for birthing. She also work closely with the maternity services so understand the policy standards and how to work with them. 


I'm new to Yoga - Is it okay to join?

Yes! Absolutely! All of our Birthlight Baby Yoga classes are suitable for complete yoga newbies, as well as seasoned yogis.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant - Is it still OK to join?

Yes, of course! You can join at any time after 14 weeks and even if it’s just for a short while, you’ll still gain some of the wonderful benefits. 

When should I stop doing pregnancy yoga?

Our clients enjoy our classes right up to the day of labour and go on to use the techniques during the birthing journey.  

Why not join us?

Feel more empowered and supported through your pregnancy

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