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Harmonise ALL aspects of your Multidimensional Being &
Learn what it means to exist as a D I V I N E Being


Rozy's - YES me! No substitutes
Intentional - Be true to your Inner Self as you align with your Divine Essence
Soul - Shine your light into your Soul desires & embody the light of your Soul purpose
Explorers - Discover how to live life fully guided by your inner presence... in multi-dimensional harmony

Consider This:

Have you ever felt like you just can’t relate to anyone around you?

Starseeds are advanced beings that originate from far-distant stars and galaxies, whose mission is to assist earth into the Golden Age. Highly evolved souls that have an unfathomable amount of wisdom hibernating in their core & in every essence of their being... does this sound like you?

A Starseed is a super human... someone who has developed all their regular senses and extra sensory perceptions and learned to be a co-creator of reality. Once we master our own lives, we are then free to be in service to support those around us who are waking up to then do the same.

Each Starseed's “awakening” is unique and can range from calm to intense. When activated, Starseed's don’t need to be told what they are... they inherently know. They can recall their purpose on earth and where they’re from with no explanations needed.

And I know how easy it is to slack off, to forget what you learned and believe the illusion again.

So, I created THIS... an opportunity for you to reconnect with me and your soul family and RISE your own personal ascension.

Here's your chance to continue your quantum Starseed exploration... & RISE!

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RISE | Rozy's Intentional Soul Explorers learn to...

★ Transform, Balance & Harmonise ALL Aspects of Life

★ Anticipate blocks to reveal hidden conflicts in un-manifested intentions

★ Achieve clarity of focus for maximising consistent results - quickly and easily

★ Trust your inner presence and the voice of your heart

★ Feel strong, energised & at one with yourself

★ Let go - easily - of what no longer serves you


Your Monthly Subscription Includes:

Fortnightly Co Creations

Fortnightly CoCreations

Structured programme with new explorations each meeting (with Q&A)

Monthly Full Moon Meditation

Monthly Full Moon Meditation

Cleanse & Clear at a deep level for yourself and the collective unconscious

First-Pick on RozyGlow Products & Services

First-Pick On RozyGlow Products & Services

Together with exclusive discounts, you'll be first choice on RozyGlow products

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Discounts on my current 1-2-1 coaching rate

Exclusive Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Group

For members old and new, to support each other’s co creations and challenges, recognise the tools/skills you need and receive ongoing upgrades


And there's more...

The chance to take part in any future Q&A sessions and interviews(with experts in the fields of nutrition, yoga, Reiki, Psychotherapy, Cacao, digital health, essential oils and much and many more

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Set yourself on your journey learning to live live as a D I V I N E Being

RISE promises you will Feel:




Confident to deal practically with any challenge

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