Full Moon in Gemini Energy Update

Robust Theme

Transmuting criticism and judgement into RADICAL SELF LOVE

How can we use the energies of Gemini with this Full Moon to transmute criticism and  judgment into RADICAL SELF LOVE?

Here we are, another year into what has been referred to as the 'Apocalypse'. There is one perceived threat after another to get our anxiety levels rising, whether the threat is an internal one (perhaps you had 'the jab'?) or an external one (viruses, 5G, economic collapse, governmental 'control' agendas...where do we start?!).

The disease we are collectively suffering from is F.E.A.R. It makes us act irrationally, we cannot process information critically, we see everything around us as a threat and we act in ways we can later regret.

This erodes our happiness, joy AND immune system and leaves us more prone to the very things we seek to protect ourselves from. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Indigenous bloodlines of our planet's inhabitants are facing many threats.

On the one hand, no access to medical care when they need it, and on the other hand, we have outreach programs accused of coercing and threatening people into taking actions they do not wish to take.

One thing we can ALL unite on, regardless of our differences of 'opinion', is that force, manipulation, coercion, threats...these are behaviours that antagonise free will, autonomy and self-governance.

It is interesting that those who rely LEAST on the inventions of man are most under threat at this time. Why is this and what can we do about it?

WE ARE NOT here to focus on the problem. It is time we COCREATE the SOLUTION.

WHAT is the REMEDY? 

The dissolution of the 3D MATRIX of F.E.A.R. and of a 'reality' fuelled by criticism and judgment...which are the forefathers of duality and patriarchy.

HOW do we do it? 

Infect everyone with the Infinite LOVE virus, to restore us ALL to undifferentiated Source Energy.

Yup...we return to one Unified ocean of LOVE, yet we now KNOW we are each individual droplets of that love, expressed uniquely.

This is neither a judgement NOR a criticism.

What happens when we evolve beyond 'the field of right and wrong'?

When we can see how and why we experience what we are experiencing?

When we can let go, forgive and move on through?

When left unchecked, we repeat the past subconsciously, to try to make sense of WHY it occurred and VALIDATE its occurrence.

What if there is just no need for repeating any past trauma again?

What can we CoCreate instead?

This is the last Full Moon of 2021 and it is in the sign of Gemini – an air sign of dualistic tendencies. Will we be blown about by the winds of change, or will we spread our wings and LEAD the storm? 

During our CoCreation, we will be letting go of the last of 2021. We will EMBRACE an ego death that will precede the Solstice Portal Soul Healing, and propel us into a whole new era in 2022.

This month, the Full Moon Energy Upgrade & Healing CoCreation Meditation is available as a pre-recorded meditation as part of a combined ticket for the December Solstice 2021 online event (Mon 20th Dec 2021):

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