When all else fails and you go into survival mode...

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When all else fails and you go into survival mode... reach out and hand it over!

Let go and let it flow... hand it over.

Welcome to RozyGlow! This site was developed to offer a whole host of tools to support you to move out of living in fear and move into living in trust and love. My personal journey through these tools took me right to the heart of my fears and of course, when this happens what do we do? We go into survival mode....otherwise known as 'fight, flight' freeze (and for us women...talk about it!) '. I have learned one thing....when you just can't remember any of your tools when all your worldly wisdom drains out of you like your blood spilling on the earth....when all the good insight you share with others, leaves you with amnesia....then there is only one thing to do.....REACH OUT.
Reach out to whatever higher power you can conceive of, reach out to your friends, reach out to the support that is available to you and as you reach out, many resources WILL become available to you, even if when you reach out it appears as though you are reaching into nothing.
None of us exists in isolation.....thoughts, intentions, prayers travel. Sometimes we really do have demons to deal with, and no amount of self-help hits the spot- we need outside resources to help us access our inside resources. The perceived demon is within us as much as outside of us. We could not perceive it otherwise. And remember the representation of the blood of the demon Raktabija- all the seeds of self-doubt and limiting beliefs (do check out the FearLESS  Living workshop download if you haven't - this is FULL of tools to help you through moment by moment). When we hide, we stay in the dark....nothing can change as we cloak ourselves. When we reach out we make ourselves vulnerable, naked, and open.....to something shifting. We become open to a change in our perspective...how we are seeing what's in front of us. This is the equivalent of receiving a miracle- a shift in perspective. No amount of darkness you go through will ever be in vain....open to the lessons and we are all transformed by our suffering. Though I would never want to revisit my darkest moments again...I know they have served me....taught me where I'm out of alignment with myself...my highest intentions. I have seen my own damage and something amazing happens when we stop defending our personal damage and start accepting it. This allows us to accept the damage (woundedness) in others. This does not mean lie down and continue to be hurt....but it DOES mean, develop compassion for those who are triggering pain in you. This is not easy, but it is possible. It's the magic that allows you to start making your decisions from love and stop reacting from fear. We know its easy to feel love when life is easy- but what about when it's rocky and fierce? There is ALWAYS a silver lining, but it comes from reaching out, handing things over and asking for a miracle. Then our job is to take action based on facts rather than feelings. We are all a little broken. May as well accept that fact. And we live in a world full of war, as much as full of love. When we drop the inner battle with ourselves, love can flow- whilst the armour is up, all we can do is defend.
In my darkest moments, I could not do this on my own. Despite all I know, in the depths of my despair, I could not nurture myself. I was weak and needed to get strong. So what did I do? Ask for help. Get help. Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. I prayed, I talked and cried with my friends, I asked for help from anyone who came into my life- what could I learn from them? I went for cranio, I went for acupuncture, I cried and I screamed. I got legal advice, I got mental health advice and I did everything that was within my belief system to embrace my fears and move through them. Some days I worked my rage out through strong yoga, other days I collapsed on my bolster and cried. I prayed, and prayed, and raged and prayed. I just didn't block my feelings. Sickness comes from suppression and repression. It is safe to feel all that is in us. You may think that this will break you but it won't.
The tools on this site will help you through all the major and minor challenges in life. I have worked them, so have many others. But remember....sometimes we just can't do it on our own. And that's ok! Ask for help....and you WILL get it. It's a wonderful paradox that when we accept our perceived powerlessness, we discover our true power.

None of us is in control of anything outside of ourselves, and much of what is within us.  We are loved regardless. What is ours to deal with is our own feelings...they are ours to feel. We move through the horrid ones much more fluidly when we surrender to them and stop our internal resistance to feeling.

The tools here will help you to feel. Enjoy them. When we drop our resistance we flow. Once we flow we start to glow!

Rozy xx

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