Bum Yoga

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πŸ’ŽπŸ’œπŸ¦„ERM...excuse me...πŸ¦„πŸ’œπŸ’Ž BUT....Does my bum look big in this?!


Deep breath, as I share this video... knowing that if my mum was still alive, I'm not sure that I would!
SHAME dear one....SHAME!
I was actually born bum first 'mooning' the world.
When I was growing up I was taught to feel ashamed of my BIG bottom...
I was taught how to hide it by my paternal grandma, and told I couldn't wear certain dresses because my bum looked 'too big'.
It wasn't 'lady like'.
My maternal grandma used to say I had the biggest bum in my ballet class, and most weeks my ballet teacher would say 'im going on a diet this week Rosanna, have you thought about doing the same?'.
We are talking about a normal sized 6 year old here!
My mum called me 'plum bum' and would laugh even though I was crying.
I was taught 'tightening' exercises that would at least make my badass smaller.

It wasn't till I moved to Croydon that my greatest shame became my best asset.
Suddenly (before big bums were mainstream desirable), I discovered the multi cultural melting pot I called home for 12 years, loved and approved of my derriere.

'R u an arse man or a tit man' I'd hear in conversations...didn't know one had to choose lol
But I did know it was always something I was self conscious about...does he really like my bum or is it something he 'accepts'?

How much do we validate our own self worth according to others opinions of our appearance?
Well...for so many women AND men...it's a LOT.

It took me a good 27 + years to start loving my bottom.
And to not be ashamed of my sexiness.
And not try to play it down so I'm not a threat to other women or their partners.

So here it is... SHAMELESS wake up first thing in the morning...BUM yoga.
If you are offended...I'm.so sorry!
Maybe ask yourself....WHY?
If it turns you on, remember...what is sexy is CONFIDENCE...whatever you are thinking...however sordid it is or isn't...this is just a desire in you to connect.
To be turned on, tuned in, plugged in...awakened.
Sexual energy is creative energy is fertile energy.
If U are not in touch with your creative flow, or comfortable with your sexual desires, this creates a block that can manifest as infertility, impotency, depression...any number of health issues based on trying to suppress what inspires and delights you.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Social conditioning, religious and cultural dogma.
Shame is an emotion that debilitates us and prevents transparency and authenticity.

So why not do something about it?
As in, start an honest relationship with YOURSELF so you can have one with the world around you.

Feeling me?
Get in touch and let's get you feeling SHAMELESS!

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