How would it feel to grow in a Divine Feminine Womb?

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Repatterning our womb experience - Full Moon Energy Healing & Upgrade + MD Yoga!

"I AM the product of the Divine Feminine Womb"

This Full Moon we are offering something truly special and EXPANSIVE. I will be combining my usual Monday MultiDimensional Yoga class with the Full Moon Energy Upgrade and Healing. 

What would it feel like to grow in a Divine Feminine Womb? For us all to feel truly WELCOME, wanted and CALLED IN?

With the CoCreation for the recent New Moon in Virgo, we cleared our resistance to being the Divine Child, who EXPECTS to always receive what they need. We invited more PLAY into our lives and aligned with the energies of hope, positive anticipation, and set the scene for victory.

Our Full Moon Energy Upgrade and Healing will allow us to fully INTEGRATE these energies by going one step further and repatterning our WOMB experience.

For most of us, our womb experience will have been less than ideal. We each pick up on any negative experiences of our mother. Whether the result of generational trauma, gender war programming, intense judgement during pregnancy. Any time our mother felt unsupported, no matter if this was perceived or real – we take this on board before we are even born.

This is further consolidated by our birth experience and the first seven years of our life. All of us carry wounds from childhood where we were shut down, not listened to, when we felt not SEEN or HEARD at a time when we most needed reassurance.

We therefore have a lot of toxicity to clear before we can experience the world from a space of feeling WHOLE and fully provided for.

We are not here to BLAME or attack our ancestors. We are here to set them FREE. Aligning our own energies is a service to humanity.

The effects of this Energy Upgrade and Healing ripple outwards to our communities and beyond.

So, what would it feel like to grow in a Divine Feminine Womb? How would it feel for us to be growing in a space of open communication between mother and baby, on a SOUL level? For us to be able to process our experiences of the world in a constructive way through this communication, encouraging curiosity rather than judgement?

As we commit, show up and surrender to TRUST in the process of CoCreating with the Divine within us, rather than our scared, control-freak egos, MIRACLES can and DO happen.

Follow the link to sign up to and align with your most Graceful, Easy and Joyful ascension, and GIFT this to our Global village too.

We meet this Monday 20th September, from 19:30 - 21:30 BST

To take part in the MultiDimensional Yoga + Energy Healing and Upgrade CoCreation, please join the RozyGlow Inner Circle, our month by month subscription to the RozyGlow Full Moon CoCreations.

The Zoom link will be sent out to Inner Circle participants shortly before the CoCreation.

If you would like to join us in toasting Ceremonial Grade Cacao at the start of the session you can order some via the RozyGlow store. We have just received our new stock from Cacao Love all the way from Ecuador (please order by 9.30am Friday 17th so we can get it to you in time).

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