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FearLESS, Empowered and FREE to be me - What's it all about?

FearLESS - Whats it all about?!

FearLESS Empowered & Free 2 B Me sets you up with the knowledge, tools and support to move away from Fear Based living, into learning to trust, follow and CoCreate with the guidance of your heart.

The heart is the physical organ that connects us through feeling, to our Soul Truth, or Soul Purpose.

To CoCreate means to consciously participate in making the things you want to happen, happen.

We learn to CoCreate with 'The Highest Good of All', surrendering to the Win Win Win outcome, which is most aligned with LOVE. This allows us to always seek the best for everyone, which unblocks Divine FLOW.
The FearLESS journey takes you from reacting to life, to walking the earth AS your Divine Self, no longer motivated in your actions, by unprocessed pain.

The Process:

✒️Rewrite the 'Motherboard' of your Human Hard Drive so it aligns fully with your soul path...this awakens your Divine Spark which is your soul essence. Intuition aligned with love allows the heart to SING...this is the guidance we follow, once we have been through the Detoxing and Reprogramming modules.
💗Master the foundations of CoCreating Consciously, and deliberately, the life your heart DESIRES to manifest as your physical reality.
💫Learn the language of your soul and how it communicates with your physical body, thoughts and feelings, so you can always aim for the best possible outcomes for all as you start to honor your Truth...the greatest gift you can offer those you love.
🤸🏼‍♀️16 Weeks of total transformation, where we detox and reprogram our inherited & earliest conditioning…from conception to the first 7 years of life…and every major life event after.

The program is delivered through:

# 8 Online MasterMind Coaching sessions LIVE with Rosanna

# 12 modules of digital FearLESS content to detox physically, emotionally and psychologically from what subconsciously sabotages your intended life experience. These modules create the framework for living in alignment with our soul purpose and highest will.

# Free access to RISE sessions between coaching sessions, teaching you how to apply what you learn in your coaching sessions to real life scenarios as we work through the challenges coming up as we let go of the past programming; learning to live in alignment with our Higher Selves.

# Ongoing voice WhatsApp support between sessions, from Rosanna in your own private group

“The really valuable thing about the FearLESS course is it is not a self-help course it’s a total transformation” (Clair, 2017)

💗 Align yourself with your heart and soul and follow your Divine path to prosperity in ALL areas of your life
💫 Transform Yourself, Your life, AND the love you show yourself and others
💪 Make massive upgrade shifts every day
❌ Understanding why and where blocks and resistance get in the way of getting what you want
👀 Clarity around your generational backstory and how it impacts your future and potential mis-creations
👩‍❤️‍👩 Share powerful and transformational experiences within a supportive and confidential group with your FearLESS tribe
☄️Feel connected to the universe in a completely different way, aligned without compromises and with healthy loving boundaries
🌸 Wake up to the many aspects of life from different perspectives a more balanced and honest perspective
💸 Experience rapid and graceful abundance for ALL your desired life changes
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“I’m now living the life I deserve” (Vicky, 2018)

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A BreakThrough call is the Pre-qualifier to the course, if you are accepted onto the course, and you choose to join, the cost of the call is taken off the total cost of the course.
Here is WHY you should do the FearLESS course according to a FearLESS Graduate:
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