FULL MOON IN ARIES - CoCreation Meditation

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FULL MOON IN ARIES - CoCreation Meditation

The New Moon in Virgo set the stage of our world service with the title 'NO MORE LIES'. The FULL Moon in Aries with Mars currently retrograde is saying “I AM COMMANDING SUCCESS”.


To Manifest Magic we have to believe BEFORE we see evidence of what we want to see, in our physical reality. This is how an idea is given the consistent energy needed to manifest into form. Despair miraculously dissipates when we feel clarity as to what we CAN do, where we feel lost and powerless. 


When we can do this, we feel a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, which fuels our 'desire fire' and shifts our vibration.


We can then use that desire fire to transmute lower frequency energy that WILL ONLY cause more divide, into the form that pierces through all illusion. This aligns our internal compass with the Highest Good of all, rather than the smokescreen of the 'greater good'.


To stop witnessing lies in the world around us we must stop lying to ourselves.

Denial miraculously disappears when we are faced with irrefutable facts.

The TRUTH shall set us ALL free, so it IS time for Truth.


Join me for a Full Moon World Service Manifesting Meditation where we take all forms of dishonesty and perceived paranoia and transmute them into ASSURANCE, FAITH & TRUST.


Want to walk this earth CONFIDENT that LOVE is triumphing over fear? 


It is clear through the words of our apparent leaders, that we have been allowing our frightened egos to run the show for far too long. Well big bad Higher Self is here now, to take the wheel and steer the way. This IS a global revolution that we are living through...all systems ARE going into reform.

Though we won’t fully see how effective our efforts have been until late November, know that we are NOW setting the scene for the BIG reveal.


And you bet it’s going to be EPIC! 


What are the changes YOU want to see? Come and CoCreate the vision that we collectively energise.

'For evil to prevail, all it takes is for good people to do nothing' - well folks, we are getting our instructions as we join together, there IS plenty to do and we ARE the evil we are loving up. Own that and there is no shadow to resist. We illuminate the dark and there is nowhere for anything 'sinister' to hide!


Grab your notebook, pen, and favourite crystals and magical tools. Make yourself a cup of ceremonial cacao (yes RozyGlow does sell it!) and join me 12.30pm GMT (7.30am EST) for a GENTLE and loving FULL moon empowerment.


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