How to heal unprocessed trauma through yoga

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Did you know that Yoga can heal unprocessed trauma in your body?


Did you know that your time in the womb and the first 7 years of your life form your personality, shape your health profile AND determine how you deal with stress and whether you can easily form healthy relationship bonds with others?

There is so much more I could say, but, I decided to make a video about it instead. In this video, I discuss within this context just how much early trauma affects our lives and how we deal with what we perceive as 'danger' around us.
The people in power presently around the globe know VERY little about how their time in the womb and how their birth and early life influence them.
One thing for sure is that we ARE living through a F.E.A.R. pandemic and the long term consequences are really rather worrying both for physical and mental health, never mind our economy!
The GOOD news is, that the long term impact of trauma caused by fear is largely avoidable IF it is addressed consistently and as early as possible. AND as we let this trauma leave our bodies, we get much more clarity about the POWERFUL decisions we can make for our own lives that allow us to THRIVE instead of barely SURVIVE uncertain times.

And YES, yoga, especially our online pregnancy, baby and gentle yoga classes is BRILLIANT for giving you ALL the tools to THRIVE in a world where people are fearful of just surviving!

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