Super New Moon in Scorpio: NO MORE F.E.A.R.

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Super New Moon in Scorpio: NO MORE F.E.A.R.

Super New Moon in Scorpio World Service Meditation | Friday 13th November 12.30pm GMT 

A very potent and 3rd and final Supermoon of the Year, that invites us to CHOOSE OUR SIDE and allow all that ISNT aligned with DIE. 

New Moons are about setting intentions- do YOU choose to be PowerFULL or PowerLESS?

The future of our planet has already been determined...the LIGHT has WON...but the length of time it takes us to EXPERIENCE this depends entirely on our own willingness to embrace and energise this.
The 'old' way is to keep feeding the fear and ONLY believe that change is happening when we can PROVE it.
The NEW way is requiring us to be CERTAIN it is, and TRUSTING in what we cannot see yet, keeping a steady focus. 
🦋 Metamorphosis is a process of allowing the old to transmute into something new.
'Imaginal' cells are part of the biological mechanism by which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly 🦋
A potent  & conscious choice is required by EVERY human being on this planet to speed up the manifestation of our New Earth. Are we  accepting the New World Order or saying NO to what others want for us and CHOOSING what WE WANT?
The New Earth paradigm is Paradise on Earth. Yet, it can only be built in the hearts of humanity and then projected out into our world. It is a feeling vibration we can only access when we burn away the stories of the past that keep us locked in misery and the fear of 'what if'. We do this by shifting from 'what if' catastrophising to 'what if' fantasising, and viola...the transformation begins!

Just add water, love, care, compassion, gratitude and appreciation...cultivated by the deep certainty that an alchemical process is happening, right within the depths of our psyche and thus, for the whole of humanity.

The walls of the old world ARE coming down, both within us and around us. Our invitation this New Moon is to focus the spotlight of our consciousness on the world we DESIRE to live in.
We are coming together to make a very conscious choice and love up resistance to it.
There is nothing more required than making a deliberate choice with our hearts and minds.

The way 'HOW' will be revealed, one step at a time.

Are you willing to own the bits of you that don't believe in their power and that fear and resist change? The parts that want an 'easy' life and not to be bothered with taking a stand?
And the parts that fear the fight, that cower instead of getting courageous?
All we need is a 'YES' and the Sphere of Compassion DOES the rest! 
Please do join me for this month's New Moon Manifesting Meditation and World Service, invite your friends as the more of us live together, the more powerful the healing is for all.
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Choose the crystals you feel called to work with,  make a cup of cacao and bring a notebook and pen.
What are YOUR New Earth Paradigm intentions this month? Let's seed them. 

Ask, DESIRE, Believe Receive  - we ARE manifesting into BEING ALL that we intend...allow the 'opposition' to reveal itself.

It is food for our Desire Fire!
Friday 13th 12.30pm GMT (7.30am EST) on the RozyGlow YouTube.

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